November 19, 2014

Ska Party FINALLY Returns!

ska party ol logo

YEAH! Ska Party Radio is back!  We are sooooo proud to announce that we have started weekly shows with our friends at Radioaktiv.  We couldn’t have found a better home for our passion.  AND now we can finally tell ppl at shows that Ska Party lives again! Here’s our first playlist from last week and the first of many to come.  We are having a blast so hopefully that spirit translates thru the airwaves to u! Our next show is Thursday evening (Nov. 20th) around 7p EST.  Tune in HERE & msg us while we do the show & most importantly…. dance!

you can listen to this episode here!

tune – artist

* denotes skanadian artist

ska party – one*
home – cartoon violence
bullets to the ground – planet_smashers*
touch and go – the rifffs MT
home – chris murray*
oil in my lamp – monty morris
heatseize down blunsdon hill – erin bardwell collective
the happy times – erin bardwell collective
fool struttin – cool wise man
u can’t dance – mad bomber society*
R.(e)I.P. – TooNice*
you’re wondering now – the values
rankin full stop – english beat
johnny come home – dr ring ding & kingston rudieska
love me or die – the indecision
shot by both sides – bluekilla
henchmen – random hand
healthy body – op ivy
you never know – the beatdown*
jack kerouac – the brass action*
rude boy – francbatards* 
captured city – the autocratics
heartless – king apparatus*
raggamuffin MC – will tun and the wasters
2 tone monster – umbrella bed
dancing with the fat mans lady – dr ring ding ska vaganza
the code of silence – jfk and the conspirators* 
monkey see monkey do – sonic boom six
showdown – dubmatix*
rub a dub on the road – roots roundup*
fraudulent – the drastics
cool ska – blue beat players
bagarre – 65 mines st
boogie stop shuffle – tokyo ska paradise orchestra

October 24, 2014

ska night at the Press Club!


got to witness the acoustic ska stylings of King Kong Girio & Chris Murray the other night. brought back a lot of good memories while making some new ones. ahhhh ska, so good!
here’s a few lo-fi vids!
King Kong Girio:

Chris Murray:

October 18, 2014


TooNice at Blue!

TooNice at Blue!

keep forgetting to mention that we’ve got one of our originals up for a free download for the month of October.  just keeping in the “spirit” of the season!  enjoy!

October 18, 2014

Autumn Bass Blast!

been awhile but of course we’ve been super busy!  rumours are that we’ve an official video for one of the TooNice songs coming soon.  that was a great day captured!  we’ll post an update on that when the video is ready.

speaking of pics & vids, someone was nice enuff to take & then post a few band pics from last weekend at Blue Mtn!…7648696913461/
and also a vid from a recent cold day at Pumpkin Fest in Port Elgin!

hard to believe its been a year back with the reggaelicious sounds of TooNice.  just for kicks we counted how many shows we’ve done with them in the last 12 months and the count was 102!  that’s almost 2/wknd!  defo crazy fun AND crazy busy!

This Saturday October 18th, we play McReilly’s (82 Dunlop St. E) in Barrie as an acoustic duo! Drop by if you are in the area & share a moment with us!

SKATURDAY in Barrie!
other future shows include:

Friday Oct 24 – Midland (Boathouse)
Saturday Nov 1 – Collingwood (Iron Skillet, as part of the Collingwood Brewery Tour)
Friday Nov 7 – Collingwood (Casbah)
Saturday Nov 8 – Midland (The Study)
Friday Nov 21 – Collingwood (Casbah)
Saturday Nov 29 – Orangeville (Fionn MacCools)
Saturday Dec 6 – Collingwood (Casbah)

August 29, 2014

On tap: A Reggaelicious Labour Day Wknd!


August 12, 2014

Girl I’m Gonna Make U Sweat

morning dew?

morning dew?

so over the weekend, we took the bass outta the case to find it covered in a coating of damp dew.  which has us wondering if this happens more & we just don’t know it?

here are the deats of the events:

  • gig the previous night ended around midnight beside Georgian Bay
  • bass loaded & stayed in the vehicle overnight
  • took out bass around 11am the next morning when we arrived at our next show only to find it soaking wet

how it ended up this way has us scratching our heads.  was is the temp change from night to day? was it cuz we were further inland?  did it have to do with the time of night we put the bass in the case?

usually (ok, 9 times outta 10), we bring the bass inside with us overnight but since we were back on the road again in 6 hours, we didn’t this time.  if that was the big factor, we will never do it again.  if this has been happening more often and we just didn’t realize it, we will be taking it out of the case or opening the case every night as well.  from now on, we will be tracking this phenomenon!

August 4, 2014

New Dynablock in da Hood!

Blue Mtn Crowd!

Blue Mtn Crowd!

twas a great weekend of 3 shows with TooNice & we had a new piece of equipment with us as well.  we managed to score a slightly used Traynor Dynablock 400 from a moving sale in the days prior to the shows.  we played an acoustic night with it, then a big stage the next afternoon & then as part of our live rig with a soundman later that same night.  essentially, running it thru our bassic usual paces & it passed with flying colours!

Traynor Dynablock 400!

Traynor Dynablock 400!

we are still getting used to the finer points of the controls & finding our sweet spots with it but that will come with time.  already though, the low frequency expander seems a bit silly to us.  a “sound” investment that we hope will last a lot longer & with a lot less headaches than our previous Markbass Little Mark II head.

best buddies!

best buddies!

July 28, 2014

August TooNice Dates!

For more info:

Hope to see YOU out there!

Aug 1 – Wasaga (Barcelos) 7p

Aug 2 – Bracebridge (Beer Fest/Olympics) 12-3p

Aug 2 – Collingwood (Blue Mtn) 7-9p

Aug 6 – Collingwood (Molly Blooms) 10p

Aug 8 – Gravenhurst (Street Fest) 2p

Aug 8 – Midland (Boathouse) 9p

Aug 9 – Gravenhurst (Street Fest) 11am

Aug 9 – Wasaga (Sweet Tooth Carib Fest) 7p

Aug 16 – Calgary, Alberta (Vern’s Bar) 8p

Aug 22 – Thornbury (Bridges) 10p

Aug 23 – Oro Ontario (Hardwood Hills) Noon-4 – & dj skip spins all day!

Aug 23 – Wasaga (Wild Wing) 9p

Aug 29 – Penetang (Flynn’s) 9p

Aug 30 – Collingwood (Blue Mtn) 7-9p

TooNice August!

July 27, 2014

skaliciousness nite!

General Rudie!

General Rudie!

we had the sublime opportunity to spin some ska this past Friday at the Rivoli.  t’was a dandy nite out & a great bill with General Rudie mounting a massive reunion while staking a heartfelt return to form.  pfft, no rust apparent on these Rudies! our night ended with a cowbellgasm with Frankie Foo at the Legendary Grossman’s Tavern.  The Foo never fail to impress and whoa…. they STILL party til they drop!

frankie foo!

frankie foo!

last but not least, we have always been a huge fan of King Kong Girio’s work.  his latest 4 piece is a slice to behold & they were the sonic treat of the night! we can’t wait to see ‘em again soon!

July 27, 2014

Traynor TS-15!

so this is a bass blog more or less but we can’t help but write a quick post about a 76 Traynor TS-15 we scored a few weeks back. we had just traded in our Fender Acoustic 30w amp that we just weren’t using and started to be on the lookout for something with more “character”. we aren’t much of a guitarist but we wanted something to jam/practice with and couldn’t be happier with this amp.  we hope it inspires us to pick up the guitar more often. this is how it sounded as soon as we plugged in for the first time!

2×8′s with a 5/10/15w switch.  going from 10 to 15 is a sonic delight!  we are the 2nd owner & it had been sitting around in a closet for years collecting dust and therefore, is in impeccable shape!  it also has a low input.  this is how it sounded as soon as we plugged in for the first time on the low input. no adjustments needed!

thou both utube selections are overdriven, the amp does have a clean tone as well that we love.  off to play some more!


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