January 18, 2018

radio hootenanny mid January 2018 menu


our 2nd Hootenanny show in the all Canadian format!  tune in deats posted at https://thehillsarealive.wordpress.com/radio-hootenanny/

January 17, 2018

toronto & whitby this weekend!

live on the bassy thingy for shows in Toronto and Whitby this weekend! woohoo!

January 16, 2018

ska party mid January 2018 menu


Ska Party FM Playlist
for the week of January 16th, 2018

Scotch Bonnets
krista D
copper crown
les singes verts
susan cadogan
hugo lobo
lollypop lorry
isaac green and the skalars
the kingpins
the smokers
the planet smashers
the applecores
the ignobles
the sentries

check out the air times  @


January 12, 2018

2018 radio programming changes!

as of this past week, both our radio shows Ska Party Radio & Radio Hootenanny became hour long shows. some stations were airing a 2 hour version of Ska Party and for them its just becoming an hour long show. Radio Hootenanny is now only an hour long show but the focus becomes solely dedicated to Canadian artists of any genre. Thanks to all the stations for continuing to air the shows with these changes and a big thanks to everyone who listens and supports!

January 10, 2018

radio hootenanny early January 2018 menu


our all Canadian faves of 2017 artists special!  features the likes of:

the courtneys
kensington hillbillys
men in grey suits
bats in the belfry
the underground divas
winnie brave
talk radio
talk show host
the shiverettes
the ape-ettes
basement revolver
pale red
low levels
dany laj and the looks
ginger grey
fred spek

air times listed @ https://thehillsarealive.wordpress.com/radio-hootenanny/

January 9, 2018

ska party early January 2018 menu


Ska Party FM Playlist
for the week of January 9th, 2018

the bakesys
roy and yvonne
susan cadogan
danny rebel and the KGB
the phonosonics
king kong 4
stork and the baby makers
the abruptors
los rude waves
heavy city
le birette

check out the air times  @


January 5, 2018

Start of 2018 shows!

here’s what’s up for the start of 2018! OMG shows in Toronto, Kingston, Barrie, Oshawa, Beaverton and Ottawa!
♫ Thursday January 4th: double duty! on the bassy thingy with Mr. Jr. AND the hitty thingy with The Mightabins at Cherry Cola’s Rock ‘n’ Rolla Cabaret & Lounge! FB event deats at https://www.facebook.com/events/147206932668048/
♫ Saturday January 6th: on the bass with Tungsten playing yer fave classic rock covers all night at the Atria in Oshawa! FB event deats at https://www.facebook.com/events/1381899951937862/
♫ Friday January 12th: on the bass with Mr. Jr. at The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar & Hotdoggery in Barrie! ohhh lookie, faves Copper Crown on the bill too! FB event deats @ https://www.facebook.com/events/423897591364122/
♫ Friday January 19th: on the bass with Mr. Jr. at The Paddock Tavern as part of the SOTC – Winter ’18 festivus! FB event deats @ https://www.facebook.com/events/130841044281475/
♫ Saturday January  20th: on the bass with Tungsten playing yer fave classic rock covers all night at Sham Rocks in Whitby! FB event deats @ https://www.facebook.com/events/140722759926879/
♫ Friday January 26th: on the bass with Mr. Jr. at The Toucan in Kingston! FB event deats @ https://www.facebook.com/events/988667861272609/
♫ Saturday January 27th: on the bass with Mr. Jr. at Cafe Dekcuf in Ottawa! FB event deats @ https://www.facebook.com/events/139475136739012/
♫ Friday Feb 2nd: on the bass with Frankie Foo Lee’s Palace in Toronto! FB Event deats TBA
♫ Saturday February 3rd: on the bass with Tungsten playing yer fave classic rock covers all night at the Sports Bar and Grill in Beaverton! FB event deats @ https://www.facebook.com/events/353593025118209/
♫ Saturday February 10th: on the bass with Mr. Jr. at The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar & Hotdoggery in Barrie! FB event deats @ https://www.facebook.com/events/1923586224559886/
December 13, 2017

The Long Walk


once upon a time (ok, it was last spring) we spent an afternoon in a studio and recorded a few tunes.  today we finally released one of them.


stream/DL for free or PWYC.  thanks for lending an ear!


December 13, 2017

radio hootenanny mid December 2017


a brand new episode of Radio Hootenanny has been shipped in time for Thursday December 14th and beyond!

includes ♫ from the likes of:

The Cure
Curelight Wounds
Lazy Legs
Soft Wounds
Scene Noir
Vague Notion
The City View
rec centre
The Sends
The Huaraches
Real Sickies.
Pure Pressure
The Mendozaz
Kensington Hillbillys
Running From Daylight
Fade Awaays
fleetwood mac sauce
fine wine
The Inbreds
les thugs
the noodles
garlic frog diet
shaky stars

usual air times:

♫ CKLU 96.7FM Sudbury http://www.cklu.ca Regular Timeslot: Thursday Mornings 11am – 1pm ET plus various repeats throughout the week.

♫ CILU 102.7FM Thunder Bay http://www.luradio.ca Regular Timeslot: Thursdays 2-4p ET plus various repeats throughout the week.

♫ Caper Radio Sydney, NS http://www.caperradio.ca Regular Timeslot: Tuesdays 8-10pm AT plus a weekend repeat.

♫ Bombshell Radio http://www.bombshellradio.com Regular Time Slot: Thursdays 3 – 5pm ET plus repeats

December 11, 2017

ska party mid december 2017


our show for the week of December 11th is queued! tune in deats at: www.skipthedj.ca or below.

features ♫’s from the likes of:

First hour on CKLU, CJBU and Bombshell

orange street
The Breachers
The Big Man Himself
The Resojets
Osmosis Unlimited
Shuffle Time
Marina P and the radiators
The Upsessions
Baked A La Ska
The Toasters
granville williams orchestra
Original Middleage Ska Enjoy Club
the smokers
Victor Rice

Second Hour on all stations

The Stalks
Go Jimmy Go
King Kong Girio
Ska-p official
Bumsy and the Moochers
The Interrupters
lo and the magnetics
the tone
The Baudelaires
The Bustups
The Specials (Official)
The King Kong 4
The Mean Threes

♫ Mondays the show airs 4-6pm ET on CKLU 96.7FM in Sudbury, ON http://www.cklu.ca plus various repeats (including Thursdays 9-11am ET).

♫ Tuesdays the show airs 11am-Noon ET on CILU – LU Radio 102.7FM in Thunder Bay, ON http://www.luradio.ca plus various repeats.

♫ Tuesdays the show airs 3-5pm ET on Bombshell Radio at http://www.bombshellradio.com plus various repeats.

♫ Wednesdays the show 5-6 pm MT on CKXU 88.3 FM in Lethbridge, AB http://www.ckxu.com plus a Sunday 5-6 MT repeat.

♫ Wednesdays the show airs 3-4pm PT on CJUC 92.5FM in Whitehorse, Yukon http://www.cjucfm.com

♫ Fridays the show airs 10-11am AT on Local 107.3FM in Saint John, NB http://www.localfm.ca

♫ Fridays the show airs 9-11pm AT on Caper Radio CJBU 107.3 FM in Sydney, NS http://www.caperradio.ca plus a weekend repeat