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October 27, 2008

Weekend Beer Reviews #1

Every so often we’ll post some beer reviews when so inspired.  Most likely it’ll be because we’ve found something that is either really good or really bad.  This weekend is all about the downright nasty:

  1. Creemore URBOCK.  Lately their lager has been our beer of choice hence why we tried the Urbock.  The lager is usually on tap everywhere we go and not offensive.  This is not the case for the Urbock.  It’s been awhile since a beer has made me cringe when trying to drink it.  That is how downright nasty this is.  We are seriously considering throwing out the rest of this 6 pack because the refund money is more worthwhile.  Maybe it’ll go down better with the fireplace on (its marketed as a winter “festive” beer) but i doubt it.  The aftertaste was just pure YUCK!  Tar has got to taste better than Urbock.  We’re never going anywhere near this again.  Might keep it to give to visitors we don’t like over the winter season.
  2. Iron Spike Amber.  We’re all about trying the local beers whenever possible and this was the reason we dove into this one head on.  3 pints later it was deemed ok enough for cosumation but lacking in any remarkable overtones.  A good comparison is to Old Milwaukee.  A beer that is drinkable and that is all.   Only thing memorable about Iron Spike was the lingering, nasty upset feeling afterwards.  Not a good way to close the deal and we’ll be avoiding this beer like the plague in the future.
October 22, 2008

The Hills Are Alive

Once upon a time, the Hills were alive.  Now they are again.  Posts about to begin.  Stay tuned…