Auditions 101

Its been awhile since we had to “audition” for anything.  Our first bass audition ever went so-so recently.  Trying something new is always a challenge and then taking that new thing public is completely another matter.  Nerves aside, we are glad we did it and got the first one under our belts.  T’was only a 3 song jam session but well worth the time and effort.  Yet another small step towards performing with the bass on a stage soon.

The project this week is to work on not lifting our fingers on the fret board excessively high. Wasting too much effort currently getting from point A to B.  Having a coach/tutor is awesome to have so they can notice such things and come highly recommended!  Also, having a drum machine and an ipod hooked up to our Rumble 60 is fantastic and makes practicing wicked fun!  Learning something new and having fun with it at the same time is key!


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