Of Trees and Trails

trails of trees A wicked case of heartburn yesterday after our run.  Maybe the result of some dehydration on our part. T’was a horrid end to an otherwise beautiful day.  One of the best of this summer that has been mostly cold/rainy or stupid hot/humid. This shot is taken from the end of our running route.  The trail makeup is new.  Our town in its infinite wisdom decided this year that a gravel trail was needed instead of the ol’ skinny dirt trail. Based upon the increased number of ppl on the trail, maybe they were onto something. It suprised us how many more ppl have come out to use the revamped trail that has been in existence for many, many years.  Was the old trail that bad?  That undesireable to use?  We think not.  Though its lost some of its old charm, not all the trails in the system got the new treatment. That provides us a good mix of terrain and hopefully it will stay that way for some time.  We do enjoy the perks of the new trail (there are even “official” rest stops for your convenience) though it has taken some time to get used to. For instance, seeing work trucks in the middle of the wilderness always throws us off unexpectedly and is something we’ll never get used to. Hopefully the new trails will work well with snow and our skiis.  Time will tell in that regard.

Musical discovery of the week: Animal by Miike Snow


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