5 hours is what it took to find our lost dog the other day.  As luck would have it, he ended up stopping about a mile from our house to check out some other dogs.  After a few hours, the owners there called the SPCA who already knew we were looking for him and reunited we were.

A happy ending to a search.  On order is a new stronger chain for our front yard, everyday collars and tags for every single collar we own.

What was strange was the direction he took off in. One that we never take.  Was it the desire to go to an unexplored area or was the wind just simply coming from that direction that day?  Who knows. Not even sure if he does.  We’d have thought he’d go to an area that he was familiar with and one that he likes.  Proven wrong but we can’t help but wonder if there has ever been a study on dogs that go astray and their habits…


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