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October 26, 2010

stop me if u’ve heard this 1 b4


where does this lead to?

so we’ve had this song written for ages.  u likely have one too.  its gone thru some changes over the years.  its lyrically done.  just the music has come and gone if u know what we mean.  its started out with the words and music written 2gether but somewhere along the way we decided the fit wasn’t quite right.  now these words are just sitting there.  staring at us.  this awesome song is just waiting to happen!

it starts occupying our minds when we have a quiet moment.  when we are travelling, b4 we hit the hay, during a lull in the conversation. the words have sat there so long that we’ve almost thought that its a lost cause.  that we need to give it a rest or give it up entirely.  or that one day we actually did have the right musical fit but we forgot to follow up and/or record it.  its been a source for equal amounts of inspiration and frustration.

we’re sure that one day, hopefully soon, this song will find its rightful match.  until then, its gonna sit and stare… and we are SOOOO anxious to see this one come ALIVE!  ah, one day it will and whoa, that will be one heck of a GOOD DAY!

October 22, 2010

How Would U Like UR Reggae TOOday Sir?


woke up 2 more snow!

ok, so its just a dusting of snow this morning but last night we travelled to our TOONICE jam thru a full on blizzard for 20 mins.  that was right on!  can’t wait to hit the slopes again!

nothing quite warms the soul like reggae does.  the sweet, sweet sounds and rhythms can ease the burden of many a Canadian shield inspired winter.  TooNice has been focussing jams of late on new material which is fantastic!  there are about 5 new originals in the pipe and they are all highly addictive!  “Jon-O” was the focus of last night and its becoming a mix of reggae and full-on rock with very distinct parts which got us to thinking this morning about how we like our reggae.  just plain and hot buttered or with some “rock” spice?  we thinks u gotta spice it up when the spirit moves ya but to go down that path too often can qucikly get annoying.  much like too much spice!

thinking about catching the great SLACKERS tonight!  U should too!

Ari Up will be missed! a great reminder that “thru music we can live forever

October 19, 2010

Review: Dears @ the Garrison


dears at the garrison

the dears perform!

Friday, Oct. 15th 2010 Dears and Braids @ the Garrison, Toronto

First time seeing both bands and being at the venue.  The Garrison is similar in layout to the Horseshoe and about 2/3 the size.  They had Wellington on tap plus a few other mandatory micros which was a very nice suprise.  Sonically the venue stood the test very well and wherever you were in the band area, you could hear everything and the sounds weren”t overbearing.  Cheers to that!

The Braids were up first.  A sonic delight with solid musicianship throughout. T’was easy to see why such a quality band got the nod to open for the The Dears. Dreamy, effects driven but with the right amount of structure.  Loved it all and had a great chat with the drummer/vox dude later on.

The Dears started their set with the raison d’etre for the show:  To play their entire next “as of yet unavailable” release from start to finish. Which didn’t really matter to yours truly since we only knew one of their previous songs before 2nite anywho.  They followed that up with a short “greatest hits” set of about 45 mins.  When all was said and done we much preferred the new material.  As much as the older material was catchier and more familiar to the crowd, the newer material was much more driven, poignant and enduring. The Dears were fantastic on stage with great presence and musicianship.  The new material shows off the strengths of all the members and this night definitely made us a fan.  We’ll be lining up on release day without a doubt!

T’was great to meet and mingle with half the band afterwards.  Especially in our chat with the bassist. Thx for being approachable & entertaining our bass related questions! We seriously doubt we’ll ever stop coming off as such a bass noob at shows.  Also, was a delight to meet Nat!

The War Child table and donations setup was a sweet touch too! Kudos to The Dears for doing something that should be done more often at shows.

The Dears new release is slated for public consumption sometime in February 2011.

dears guitar rests

dears guitar rests after a serious night out


October 15, 2010

Flanger 2 the Family!

flanger 2 the family!

The Hills welcomes our latest addition to our pedal family!  A Boss BF-2!  T’is a little roadworn but what can ye xpect for 60 bux?  Its a MIJ c1987 model from what we can tell. Have always loved the Flanger sound and now we can just dial it up at a moments notice.  Sweet!  Sounded so good the other day doing “come as u are“.  Now if only it could tell me stories from its past…


and then there were 3!

& then there were 3!


October 15, 2010

Reggaelicious Skanksgiving

It was a Reggaelicious Skanksgiving for the TooNice crew this past weekend.  What a blast to play to a crowd that appreciated our roots reggae style and every1 was a great humour as of course, the Leafs won.  That always helps.  The challenge of the night was playing whilst our Canucks were playing on the BIG SCREENS.  What a distraction!  Luckily the timing with the sets worked out perfectly so we could watch the last 5 mins of the 3rd period get into OT at least.  Can’t wait to play again and hopefully get the chance to put “Maybel the Amp” on a bale of hay again as well!

October 2, 2010

Can a band B 2 loud?

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The Sweats made their rawkin’, punky debut this past week. the reviews are in. we were TOO LOUD. ah, but live and learn i guess. that what this is all about. the venue was tiny but the music style itself tends to be loud so whats a band to do? next time, we turn it down to the venues standards and hopefully the vibe we are going for remains.  other reviews we got went  as such: “rad”, “you were playing?” and “we really dug your stuff”.

October 1, 2010

cuz U never 4get ur first time

we also learned to bring appropriate footwear!

here’s what we wrote to one of our buds about our first LIVE bass exp back in July.  its still motivating us.  cuz u just never forget your first time.

yeah, so just broke the bass cherry so to speak.
t’was a great experience and i learnt a lot from it.
so many things happened. i blanked twice hardcore…like froze on the stage cuz i just couldn’t recall what came next!
hilarious to think back on it.
also made some mistakes along the way but so did every1.
its so different than drumming!  mentally tougher for one thing.  i hadn’t been on stage since april so some of the habits i had for drumming still applied and others i just plum forgot or remembered wayyyyyy after the fact. sonically, different as well to be up front with the rest of the band.  that was unexpected.
the biggest battle i had, was trying to keep my enthusiasm down enough to keep the warm, mellow reggae vibe going.
when i first started bass i thought my first stage exp. would be a something that rocked harder. that way i could just let loose!
as this was my first time i was very pumped to play! and that worked against the warm mellow vibe i needed to keep!
i figure moving fwd it’ll be easier to keep that in check.
by the end i was really getting the hang of things and my comfort level was soaring and as a result, i didn’t want it to end.
can’t wait to play again!
my motivation level for learning, practicing and playing bass is going thru the roof!