cuz U never 4get ur first time

we also learned to bring appropriate footwear!

here’s what we wrote to one of our buds about our first LIVE bass exp back in July.  its still motivating us.  cuz u just never forget your first time.

yeah, so just broke the bass cherry so to speak.
t’was a great experience and i learnt a lot from it.
so many things happened. i blanked twice hardcore…like froze on the stage cuz i just couldn’t recall what came next!
hilarious to think back on it.
also made some mistakes along the way but so did every1.
its so different than drumming!  mentally tougher for one thing.  i hadn’t been on stage since april so some of the habits i had for drumming still applied and others i just plum forgot or remembered wayyyyyy after the fact. sonically, different as well to be up front with the rest of the band.  that was unexpected.
the biggest battle i had, was trying to keep my enthusiasm down enough to keep the warm, mellow reggae vibe going.
when i first started bass i thought my first stage exp. would be a something that rocked harder. that way i could just let loose!
as this was my first time i was very pumped to play! and that worked against the warm mellow vibe i needed to keep!
i figure moving fwd it’ll be easier to keep that in check.
by the end i was really getting the hang of things and my comfort level was soaring and as a result, i didn’t want it to end.
can’t wait to play again!
my motivation level for learning, practicing and playing bass is going thru the roof!

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