Review: Dears @ the Garrison


dears at the garrison

the dears perform!

Friday, Oct. 15th 2010 Dears and Braids @ the Garrison, Toronto

First time seeing both bands and being at the venue.  The Garrison is similar in layout to the Horseshoe and about 2/3 the size.  They had Wellington on tap plus a few other mandatory micros which was a very nice suprise.  Sonically the venue stood the test very well and wherever you were in the band area, you could hear everything and the sounds weren”t overbearing.  Cheers to that!

The Braids were up first.  A sonic delight with solid musicianship throughout. T’was easy to see why such a quality band got the nod to open for the The Dears. Dreamy, effects driven but with the right amount of structure.  Loved it all and had a great chat with the drummer/vox dude later on.

The Dears started their set with the raison d’etre for the show:  To play their entire next “as of yet unavailable” release from start to finish. Which didn’t really matter to yours truly since we only knew one of their previous songs before 2nite anywho.  They followed that up with a short “greatest hits” set of about 45 mins.  When all was said and done we much preferred the new material.  As much as the older material was catchier and more familiar to the crowd, the newer material was much more driven, poignant and enduring. The Dears were fantastic on stage with great presence and musicianship.  The new material shows off the strengths of all the members and this night definitely made us a fan.  We’ll be lining up on release day without a doubt!

T’was great to meet and mingle with half the band afterwards.  Especially in our chat with the bassist. Thx for being approachable & entertaining our bass related questions! We seriously doubt we’ll ever stop coming off as such a bass noob at shows.  Also, was a delight to meet Nat!

The War Child table and donations setup was a sweet touch too! Kudos to The Dears for doing something that should be done more often at shows.

The Dears new release is slated for public consumption sometime in February 2011.

dears guitar rests

dears guitar rests after a serious night out



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