How Would U Like UR Reggae TOOday Sir?


woke up 2 more snow!

ok, so its just a dusting of snow this morning but last night we travelled to our TOONICE jam thru a full on blizzard for 20 mins.  that was right on!  can’t wait to hit the slopes again!

nothing quite warms the soul like reggae does.  the sweet, sweet sounds and rhythms can ease the burden of many a Canadian shield inspired winter.  TooNice has been focussing jams of late on new material which is fantastic!  there are about 5 new originals in the pipe and they are all highly addictive!  “Jon-O” was the focus of last night and its becoming a mix of reggae and full-on rock with very distinct parts which got us to thinking this morning about how we like our reggae.  just plain and hot buttered or with some “rock” spice?  we thinks u gotta spice it up when the spirit moves ya but to go down that path too often can qucikly get annoying.  much like too much spice!

thinking about catching the great SLACKERS tonight!  U should too!

Ari Up will be missed! a great reminder that “thru music we can live forever


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