stop me if u’ve heard this 1 b4


where does this lead to?

so we’ve had this song written for ages.  u likely have one too.  its gone thru some changes over the years.  its lyrically done.  just the music has come and gone if u know what we mean.  its started out with the words and music written 2gether but somewhere along the way we decided the fit wasn’t quite right.  now these words are just sitting there.  staring at us.  this awesome song is just waiting to happen!

it starts occupying our minds when we have a quiet moment.  when we are travelling, b4 we hit the hay, during a lull in the conversation. the words have sat there so long that we’ve almost thought that its a lost cause.  that we need to give it a rest or give it up entirely.  or that one day we actually did have the right musical fit but we forgot to follow up and/or record it.  its been a source for equal amounts of inspiration and frustration.

we’re sure that one day, hopefully soon, this song will find its rightful match.  until then, its gonna sit and stare… and we are SOOOO anxious to see this one come ALIVE!  ah, one day it will and whoa, that will be one heck of a GOOD DAY!


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