its the dawning of a new era

over the weekend finished putting the bass down for the Sweats and some songs we wanna use on the net for promotional use.  t’was the first time we’d ever recorded ourselves in a studio setting playing the bass and overall… t’was a wonderful experience!

getting sweaty in the kitchen?

a total DIY effort for a totally DIY kind of band! even the delicious wine we had was DIY (u-brew)!

we ran our Epiphone EB-3(what u see being played on the header of the blog) thru a tubed Traynor bassmate.  at first we also tried a direct line recording but the sound wasn’t quite what we were looking for so we stuck strictly with the bassmate miked. it was making a killer au natural sound that was perfect for the punky-rawky vibe we wanted.  after about an hour of tweaking the bass sound, drum mics and guitar amp placement, we blasted thru 11 songs doin’ multiple takes sans vocals.   the goal was to lay the basics down in one afternoon and then tweak the finer points of the songs later.  goal achieved!

here’s a pic of the Sweet Sweaty setup:

will post the final results when they are done.  can’t wait!

now onto the next session avec TOONICE, more on that in our next post… so stay “tuned”!


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