2 new additions 2 the pedal fam!

2 new additions to the our meagre pedal board setup to announce!

1. the addition of the Bass BIG Muff PI.  a few months back we had tried out a regular guitar muff and came to the conclusion that this pedal offers the most fuzz and distortion bang for its buck.  once we found ourselves with an hour in the big smoke and the cash to spare we headed down to moog audio on queen w to check out the prices.  despite the horrid service, the price was right and we patiently and gladly got the pedal onto its new home.  its only been a few days togther but so far, so good. its all we had hoped and we’ll enjoy tweaking it daily!  omg, the sustain!

our current november pedal setup

2.  we happened upon an unused case for a drill the other day.  we quickly sized it up and thought this might do nicely as a hard shell case for our small pedal board.  we got the thing home, gutted out the plastic inside that was meant for the drill and viola!  instant pedal case for free!  the gutting took about an hour but it was totally worth the time and effort.  it fits perfectly and snugs the board nicely so that nothing moves during transpo.  all we have to do at gigs/jams now is pull it out and plug in.  there is even enough vertical space to store some cords underneath the board.

gutted case with a cord

gutted case with pedal board & cords underneath


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