our first ever open mic night

well, the local lads ventured out last week to give some of the fun choice covers we’ve been jammin out the past few months a whirl at a open mic night.  having never participated in one, we didn’t know what to expect.

the local lads debut!

we got there with our bass and amp(which we didn’t end up using but was good to have around anyways).  listened to the house band play a few numbers and then the list got made to see who was on going on next.  our set was 4th in line.  lots of blues and blues inspired classic rawk/country before our set.  once our turn came up we setup onstage without much time wasting and quickly got into our set.  we did pearl jam’s “alive”, weezer’s “say it aint so” and closed with Neil Young’s “rockin in the free world” which got the house band’s keyboardist up on stage with us for most of the tune.  there was time for an encore (which we gather was a good sign that we were sounding good or that we were efficient with our time allowed), and did another Pearl Jam tune, “betterman”.

all in all, it was a worthwhile learning experience.  we got to meet a slew of local musicians and they were all super friendly and eager to give away pointers like “u should look up more often”, “i really like a bassist that moves”.  we played decent enough and we got to let out some pent up energy that had been storing up for awhile.  (memo to self : next time, we can’t forget to bring a bevvy on stage with us.  that is crucial.)  luv playing with the local lads and it was great to finally get some of the jam songs onto a stage.  looking fwd to the next one!

we also go to debut our new pedal board setup.  more on that in the next post as it deserves a post onto itself!


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