recordings partie deux

so 2 days after our first ever recording session avec les sweats, we were off to record basslines with TOONICEgreat studio up in barrie.  nice digs and top notch equipment.

"amadeus" takes a recording brk

we brought out our fave bass, the Musicman Ray34 which hasn’t been used much of late. not on purpose, just so happens its been sitting nice and cozy in its case for awhile as we rocked out on our other 2 basses.  the ray34 has a nice set of flatwounds on it for the warm reggae vibe we were looking for.  the setup was similar to the Sweats one, just on a slightly bigger budget (ie: there is a budget).  we recorded bass, drums and guitar together live off the floor and went back and punched in any mishaps.  we got 2 songs into the can quite nicely but then the bass started to go wonky.  it was then we realized it needed a setup and that slowed down the first nights recording speed.  without a backup bass to use, we just had to struggle thru it all.

lessons learnt: bring more than one bass, try out basses before entering studio so u know all is well with them (even though u remember all being well-one has to wonder what goes on in those cases once the lid shuts?), be prepared for anything.

the essentials: bass, amp, notes, headphones, timmy's!


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