whirlwind ends, wait begins

well, the recording sessions with TOONICE are now officially completed.  we wrapped up recording all the necessary odds and ends just yesterday.  what a whirlwind time that had us riding the fine line between getting the best results in the cheapest (ie: fastest) way possible.

session #2 had us bring out our EB3 (since Amadeus was in need of a setup and some TLC- see this post) and our Oscar Schmidt Electric-Acoustic (for one track only).  all our tracks were recorded directly out of our Ampeg with some pretty cool results.  to sum up the sound we got … simply we’d call it “very beefy”.  again, guitar, bass and drums were recorded all at once live off the floor with much success and little time wasting. it was a great experience and exercise that had us concentrating on the finer points of bass playing that we don’t necessarily think about every day.  keeping constant in every little thing we do was indeed a challenge!   we look forward to keeping at improving this area of our playing with renewed vigour!  to see and hear how important of a component it is at this stage of the music making process was very eye opening to say the least.

now we wait for the mixes and hopefully some fresh new vibes to sell at shows and post on the net very shortly!  stay tuned!

the toasting materials 4 the end of some great sessions!


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