darling, we’re taking off the training wheels

its crazy, we know.  slowly but surely (call me slowly but don’t call me shirley- RIP Leslie Neilson) the training wheels are coming off this bass playing thing.

we started learning the bass during the summer of 09.  ever since our first onstage gig back in july 2010, we’ve always had a few sheets of paper up there on stage with us with various notes and scribbles in case we lost our way or forgot how something went in the heat of the moment.  a backup more or less.  just in case.  the sheets were becoming the norm and one day it dawned on us that it didn’t “have to be” this way any longer.

ever since the local lads went and did 4 songs at an open stage, we’ve gone sheetless on stage.  that night (it was just 4 songs was the thinking), we just reviewed what we needed to know before going on and just went up there and played our heart out.  sure, we made a few mistakes but we were making the same amount of mistakes onstage with the paper with us as well. well worth the trade off of looking like we didn’t know the songs and having the associated clutter onstage.

that night was just 4 songs.  last friday with TooNice was our new cd (12 songs) plus entire set of covers (another 12 songs) without sheets.  tonight with the sweats, marks another 12 songs and misc. backup vox and also lead vox (for 2 of the 12) without sheets. sure, there were a few rough spots over the weekend and there may well be tonight but darling, the training wheels are off and we like it.  we really, really like it!

btw, that was “sheetless” and not “shirtless” on stage! 😉

yup, those be our sheets at a gig on the power mixer

yup, those be our sheets at an august gig on the power mixer


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