heads up!

on to the next step, which at the core has always been about improving oursleves on the bass.  now that the sheets are gone, we’ve noticed there is a whole world out there on the stage to look at…. is that where the whole world is a stage quote comes from?

anywho, we took to heart the comment the other day that we need to look up more onstage.  tis true and we won’t deny that we look down lots.  before the sheets were occupying some of our eye time a bit and now they are gone and that opens up some time to look around.  also, we still are not comfortable enough with our playing to totally stop looking at our instrument.  that day will come we guess.  but when who knows?  until then, we will still have to look at what we are playing a considerable amount of the time.

we have been noticing with more familiarity with the material we play, the more we’ve been able to look around while we play.   the last few shows have been fun (as always!) but now that we are looking up more, what we see, experience and therefore end up remembering is changing.  changing for the better we thinks. we are becoming more aware of our surroundings and naturally that is changing what we do onstage.  we can forsee more interaction with bandmates on stage in the near future.  maybe more interaction with the crowd as well. more interaction=more fun!

the fine tuning continues.  “heads up” seems like such a simple thing but its a biggie that is opening up a whole new world.  likely this is not the last time we’ll write about this subject so stay tuned.

in other news,

*we really took to heart the other day of this quote we got from Gorehound : most new players practice until they get it “right”. If you want to excel at playing an instrument(or any discipline), you have to practice, until you can’t get it wrong.we totally were doing it to get it “right”.  this mantra is perfect to keep in the back of our minds and once we thought about it, it could not be any truer.  onto getting the songs we know to the next level!

*also worth checking out for inspiration is gorehounds list of quotes from guitarists.  so many quotes to take to heart!

*we happened upon this free download of the first album from Sons Of Freedom.  the first 3 tracks are essential listening.  they really nailed the right bass sound.  so good, so addictive!

*last but not least, we’ve reimplemented into our weekly practice routine some time on percussion.  last week’s onstage jam during the TooNice cd launch party got us behind the kit again and also got us thinking about how much we loved playing drums.  we’ve read in numerous places that drums will also help bassists with their playing so with those things in mind, welcome back!  may the dust never settle on those skins again.

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