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January 27, 2011

TooNice Headlines!

well, its a BIG deal the first time you get to headline a bar in Toronto.

thus, a post devoted to just that!

hope 2 see u there! tis a great lineup!

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January 18, 2011

Cutting Coffee Costs

as part of our no frivolous spending in 2011, we have put the hammer down on spending money on java at work.

the e-z-way coffee maker!

hence this device that cost us a mere $7 from a store.  u bring coffee grounds from home, insert them into the strainer at the bottom of the maker.  place hot water in the maker and let’er rip!  coffee for pennies instead of $2! the ez way coffee maker rules!  it looks like a relatively new product too.

its been 10 work days since we started this and so far so good.  we only spent $2 dollars last friday at the end of our shift on a java to go home with.  so was that really a cup of java at work?  its on the line for sure… and of course it takes a few mins to make a cup but we’d spend that amount of time in line anyways.  we’d like to think that we’ve saved at least $20 already and the coffee is pretty darn good.  it took a few tries to get the ratio of grinds to water just right but we’ve more than got that under control now.

less money spent frivolously = more money for our music fun!

the irony here is that we are using a Tim Horton’s mug in order to NOT go to Tim Hortons!

January 18, 2011

goodbye amadeus


its been a reflective time here at the Hills. we recently parted ways with our first ever bass, the Musicman Ray 34.  it was sadly inevitable.  we just weren’t playing “Amadeus” at all and he was just taking up space. our 2 other basses we taking up our playing time both at home and abroad.  since Amadeus was a more expensive bass, he wasn’t seeing the stage either. we’d only taken him out of the bag once in the past 6 months.

though we know and take solace in the fact that we will now reinvest the money into a new bass that we like more and will use more, it was still tough to say goodbye.  u always remember your first love.

thanks for the memories Amadeus!

January 6, 2011

Bass on a Budget?

inspired by the likes of give me back my 5 bucks and blonde and balanced, we are attempting in 2011 to be more mindful of what we spend on our musical passion.  one of our financial resolutions for 2011 was to keep better track of what we spend on our musical endeavours.

we like to say that as long as we break even, its all good.  cuz we do get heaps of enjoyment out of playing and playing more.  but there is this little fella in our head that is whispering that he thinks we are spending more than we think on this habit.

so with that in mind, we plan to regularily update here on the blog what we’ve spent and what we’ve earned for the year and see where we end up.  the series will be called “bass on a budget”. where and what the result will be is beyond a guess.  we really have no idea so stay tuned!

thx to the 2 previously mentioned blogs for the idea of a “no frivolous spending list”.  putting that into effect asap!

January 5, 2011

December 2 Remember?

TooNice @ Grossmans Dec. 2010

December was a tough month.  So busy outside of our musical adventures.  Looking back, there is lot to learn on time management and such.  Often we were going a few days without touching an instrument.  so unfortunate! we haven’t even had much time to enjoy some of the fruits of the holidays!

We did manage a show on the 28th with TooNice.  T’was a dandy of a party but due to the lack of practice time we were caught looking down at our instrument for much of the set.  2 steps fwd and 1 step back we think.  Still our aim is just like it was in “heads up“.  just it is a work in progress.

Now we enter 2011 with a lot to look fwd to on the horizon.  the new cd for TooNice is getting us booked more.  the local lads have finally found a singer and something else lurks ever-so-close in the future… fun times indeed!