December 2 Remember?

TooNice @ Grossmans Dec. 2010

December was a tough month.  So busy outside of our musical adventures.  Looking back, there is lot to learn on time management and such.  Often we were going a few days without touching an instrument.  so unfortunate! we haven’t even had much time to enjoy some of the fruits of the holidays!

We did manage a show on the 28th with TooNice.  T’was a dandy of a party but due to the lack of practice time we were caught looking down at our instrument for much of the set.  2 steps fwd and 1 step back we think.  Still our aim is just like it was in “heads up“.  just it is a work in progress.

Now we enter 2011 with a lot to look fwd to on the horizon.  the new cd for TooNice is getting us booked more.  the local lads have finally found a singer and something else lurks ever-so-close in the future… fun times indeed!

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