Bass on a Budget?

inspired by the likes of give me back my 5 bucks and blonde and balanced, we are attempting in 2011 to be more mindful of what we spend on our musical passion.  one of our financial resolutions for 2011 was to keep better track of what we spend on our musical endeavours.

we like to say that as long as we break even, its all good.  cuz we do get heaps of enjoyment out of playing and playing more.  but there is this little fella in our head that is whispering that he thinks we are spending more than we think on this habit.

so with that in mind, we plan to regularily update here on the blog what we’ve spent and what we’ve earned for the year and see where we end up.  the series will be called “bass on a budget”. where and what the result will be is beyond a guess.  we really have no idea so stay tuned!

thx to the 2 previously mentioned blogs for the idea of a “no frivolous spending list”.  putting that into effect asap!


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