Cutting Coffee Costs

as part of our no frivolous spending in 2011, we have put the hammer down on spending money on java at work.

the e-z-way coffee maker!

hence this device that cost us a mere $7 from a store.  u bring coffee grounds from home, insert them into the strainer at the bottom of the maker.  place hot water in the maker and let’er rip!  coffee for pennies instead of $2! the ez way coffee maker rules!  it looks like a relatively new product too.

its been 10 work days since we started this and so far so good.  we only spent $2 dollars last friday at the end of our shift on a java to go home with.  so was that really a cup of java at work?  its on the line for sure… and of course it takes a few mins to make a cup but we’d spend that amount of time in line anyways.  we’d like to think that we’ve saved at least $20 already and the coffee is pretty darn good.  it took a few tries to get the ratio of grinds to water just right but we’ve more than got that under control now.

less money spent frivolously = more money for our music fun!

the irony here is that we are using a Tim Horton’s mug in order to NOT go to Tim Hortons!


3 Responses to “Cutting Coffee Costs”

  1. So you don’t even need a filter for this? Interesting little contraption, may have to pick one up!


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