No Strings Attached

so when we got the new(to us) gibson sg bass, it came with the strings from the store on it.  who knows what they were?  most likely some nickel something somethings. we’re diggin the flatwounds anway so a change in strings was inevitable.  so here’s a pic of what the bass looked like before the string change.

you can see that the part of the strings where the winding at the end is actually going over the bridge.  this can’t be good we thought.  so sure enough when we put the new flats on the same thing happened.  the G string actually cleared the bridge on its own.  and we could clearly hear the tone difference between it and the 3 other strings that had the winding on and over the bridge.

so what do we have handy that could extend the winding part of the strings over the bridge?  well, we have just taken off some useless strings… could the ends of those slip over the string and add to the length?  why not reuse what we just took off the instrument?  lets try the ball ends of the old strings!

so we did and in the end we got it to work.  it took some time, patience, and some fiddlin’…  especially with the E string since the winding was thicker and the string ball end couldn’t quite get over it.  we had to take some wire cover trimmers to it to shave it down a bit.  no harm done to the string, u just needed to be gentle doing it.  as u can see, some strings needed more than one ball end.  the tone of each of the 3 strings we did sounded so much better once we had done this that it made the time and effort all worthwhile.  the bass stays in tune and we get great comments on its sound.  now only if we could figure out the sweet spot for that “tone” knob…. more on that in another post!

ps: here are the results in picture form.  hopefully, they help explain and show u what we did.  the blue part was going over the bridge before we added the ball ends of the strings.

2 Comments to “No Strings Attached”

  1. Or you could go crazy and get a replacement bridge from Hipshot, like this one:

  2. thats a super idea! had no idea that existed. now to find one…

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