skipapalooza = both of yours trulys bands in one place for one night!

skipapalooza should be a fantastic night!  of course, we are soooo looking forward to it.  theres so much on the plate.  new songs for TooNice, the stage debut of our cover band Those Handsome Hooligans and also some collaborations on the menu.  it will be a busy night on the ol’ four string indeed! Orleans was nice enough of a venue to let us make this dream a reality and we plan to make the most of it.  wow, strongbow, grasshopper and flying monkeys all on tap too.  it will be good!

rumours are running rampant that Those Handsome Hooligans will be test driving their sound once or twice before the official debut.  more news on that at 11.  but sticking with Those Handsomes, a quick word about words.  picking a band name was tough. but worth it.  we had no idea it would take that long and be such a process but the journey was worth it and we couldn’t be happier.  looking back, there are just way too many good band names out there and some are in use and others not.  Those Handsome Hooligans sums it up quite nicely and the longer time goes by, the more the name fits.

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