Review: NoMeansNo/Metz



Lee’s Palace, Toronto Stardate 04.04.11


caught the entire Metz set and was glad we did.  showing up at 915, we’d been predicting we’d miss out.  great sonic explosions with a blasts and beats that were reminscient of some early nirvana/sonic youth but wayyy better due to the high levels of energy coming off the stage. one tune sounded a tad like “negative creep”.  kept thinking that the guitarist was going to actually toss that geetar.  thats how much action there was onstage.  would go see these guys again in a heartbeat.

nomeansno hit the stage via soundcheck and casually got up and running.  a few Leafs jokes and some banter to the crowd and the band began to tear it up.  we’ve seen nomeansno 3 or 4 times now and this was not their best show but it was oh-so-close.  the older they get, the more impressive they are.  our personal hilites were hearing “theresa, give me that knife” and “its catching up“.  theresa was omitted last time we saw them so that was extra swell to hear.

we don’t think we stopped smiling the entire show.  when was the last time u could say that about a concert u were at?  they are just that amazing to watch and behold.  as we told our crew, nomeansno could go onstage and just make noize for 2 hrs and we’d be satisfied.  the sweat pouring off them was intense and matched only by the energy of the songs.  the night ended with 2 encores.  “victory” and thus giving notice to every band out there younger than them that this is truly what it takes and this is what its truly all about.

thx nomeansno, for once again showing us the way.  we were thrilled to witness!


Here’s the only video from the night that turned out ok.  All the others had wayyyy distorted audio.  Its a short but sweet ending of a song from Metz:

and here’s a slew of pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

we are still figuring out the best way to take pics/viz with our new camera and had some fun near the end of the show with the b/w and fishbowl effects.


2 Comments to “Review: NoMeansNo/Metz”

  1. I missed Metz. Ooh well.

    If your videos of Nomeansno are too distorted, you can check out mine and see if they are less distorted. I didn’t film every song. 2 of the songs (Slave, and I’ve Got A Gun) that I filmed came out a bit more distorted than the others – pro’lly because I was standing in a diff place then during the other songs. Search YouTube under Nomeansno Toronto. 🙂

  2. D,
    thx for droppin in and the note. t’was checkin out “theresa” just last night! thx for the viz!

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