Cream On!

its the end of our 2nd winter of bass playing.  last year we noticed our fingers and hands were getting super dry (and what’s with the calluses?) so we went out this past summer and invested in some hand creams to allievate the issue this time around.

of course, we had no idea what was best so we picked up 4 brands and here’s how they faired in order:

1. Thentix Skin Conditioner. heads above the rest.  this container is almost empty and that pretty much proves it was our goto cream.  light and non sticky.  made with a touch of honey but didn’t have any issues with bees. kept our hands feeling great for hours. used it often just before heading out for jams.  plus its made right here in Ontario with au natural ingredients.  Buy Local!

2, Nivea For Men Sensitive Moisturizer. also light and non sticky.  it was a close 2nd.  does a decent enough job.  lacks in the long lasting dept.  good if we were just practicing the bass for a bit.

3. Lubriderm Unscented Moisture. a tad on the heavy sticky side but lasted longer than the previous 2.  its decent enough but just wasn’t our fave.  if we were going on a long tour and needing to pack light, this would be the one to take.

4.  Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream. our least fave.  it always felt like we were putting on a pair of surgical gloves and that uncomfortable feeling lingered.  perhaps if our hands were in a nasty way, this would be the one to use but it would be a last resort.


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