da waitin’ ends this weekend!

as we wrote in an email to a friend this past weekend “in regards to skipapalooza, we’ve gone from being excited to play it and lets just get this over with already about a 100 times.

skipapalooza is of course the meeting of yours truly’s 2 bands in one night.  the reggae outfit, TooNice ends the evening and we’ve done numerous shows together.  BUT its the debut of our cover band, Those Handsome Hooligans that night. hence the excitment level and “lets just get this done already” line of thinking.

as was remarked during our last jam session, the guitarist and i have been trying to get this band off the ground for a year now.  its been a process that has had its numerous ups and downs and we’ve learnt a lot about ppl and ourselves during that time period.  and looking back, we wouldn’t trade a single experience to get to this launch point sooner.  it just took this long and sometimes ya just gotta be patient… and the patience pays off in spades this weekend!

here’s some rough vizness from a recent open mike test drive of the Hooligans in action.


xpect more pics/viz after this weekend!  let the face melting begin!



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