Thinking about joining on online gym!

TGIF & ready 2 party!

Last nights show at On Cue Billiards was a great hoot!  the crowd was appreciative and we played a huge amount of Reggae!  we took and played  ppl’s requests which was a great feeling and the atmosphere was top-notch.  tankhouse was on tap though it was empty.  can’t wait to play there again soon!

on a personal note, we forgot one of our essential gear bags at home.  we didn’t realize this until we got to the venue.  luckily enough TooNice had spare patch cords so we could still play (though our movement was somewhat restricted) but the bigger issue was we didn’t have our cheat notes for some of the lesser known material.  ack!  what a stresser that was but alas we endured because we had to.  a few missed notes but a good time all around and forgetting the bag could have been a blessin in disguise.  could this be the end of cheat notes as we know it?  only time will tell.  there’s another show tonight!  time to rest up and join that online gym!


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