Review: Pixies Toronto

Lucky for us we got to see the Pixies Doolittle Tour last night at Massey Hall in Toronto.  We’ve included the video we took of the first Doolittle track “debaser” and some pics.  Our gallery seats were sooooo sweet!

The Pixies were always one of those bands we liked but never loved.  Doolittle and the material they produced around that time, came out when we were discovering so many different sounds.  It stood out at the time for “not standing out” (if that makes any sense) and we think Doolittle endures because of that.  Its a catchy mix of grace and grit that gave it broad appeal and as time has wore on, we’ve become huge fans.   We’ve seen them once before and that show ranks in our top 10 of best shows ever.  They blew us away on that night and last night was no different except for its raison d’etre.

The show last night was different because its focus is on playing and celebrating the anniversary of the pivotal “Doolittle” release.

The Pixies first entertained us with some B sides and then jumped right into the Doolittle tracks as they were in order of the lp.   One can only marvel at their understated cohesion and how all the little parts each member brings to every track combines into something utterly fantastic to behold.  That in essence is the beauty the Pixies and of Doolittle.  Doolittle was never quite duplicated in the same manner by the band either by choice or by group evolution since its release.  But as fans, would we even want them to duplicate it?  That is also a part of Doolittle’s charm, aura and attraction.  Its a shinning, warm and beautiful sonic gem in a sea of sorta similar gems but it stands out as the best of them all.

We spent most of the night watching Kim play the bass of course.  The first show many moons ago, the drumming of David Lovering had us mesmorized as that was our personal musical focus of the time.  We learnt a lot from watching their interaction during the course of this show.  If Kim was not singing a song, she essentially would play facing David the entire time.

While we enjoyed Kim’s banter with the audience during the show and we know she speaks for the entire band, but it would be nice if they all would share a thought now and then. The end when they all finally did speak was hilarious so maybe that is the point or result they are seeking.

Looking forward to seeing the show again in a day from now in Hammyland!  Perhaps a post about that too so stay tuned!  Til then, this monkey’s gone to heaven!

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One Comment to “Review: Pixies Toronto”

  1. hope they do it again tonight
    Row nine woot!

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