Review: Pixies Hamilton

so many Pixies songs goin’ thru the ol noggin today.  its a good place to be.  2 pixies shows in 3 days was a fantastic experience.  we’ve included a video of Where is My Mind, our fave part of “I Bleed” and some pics from the show at the bottom of this post.  we loved mondays show in Toronto and Hamilton was equally great but for different reasons.

Mondays toronto show had great seats in a great legendary venue with a capacity crowd.  It was a sight to behold and the band blew us away that night.  Wednesday night was a different setting with similar results.  General admission floor standing in a big rectangular convention centre made for a more relaxed and intimate setting.  we guess it wasn’t at capacity as there was plenty of space to walk about but it didn’t matter to the band.  the crowd was into it and the show quickly turned into another sweet Pixies lovefest.

Monday night we really got the artistry of the visuals behind the band but at the hamilton show its was difficult to focus in on the backdrop.  Which was really the only big difference between the shows.  We stationed ourselves near the soundman for the best sonic experience and the view from there was as good as anywhere.  we did venutre up close for a few songs so we could get some different and perhaps better pics.  we also tried to get some gear shots at the end of the show. tear down was way quick so we didn’t have much time before being told to leave.

Joey’s guitar sounded so good all night and actually Frank’s voice was more sharp and clearer too.  both were noticeablely better than the previous show.  another thought we had during the performance was about how frank and kim’s voices compliment each other so well.  you wouldn’t think they would but they really do.  yet another of many reasons why the Pixies are a sonic delight.

last set on Monday was: Velouria, Planet of Sound, Gigantic, Where’s my Mind

last set on Wednesday was:  Bone Machine, Caribou, Where’s My Mind, Gigantic

there was no “winterlong” on wednesday which made us thankful we’d seen the monday show.  love that tune but it was a great treat to hear caribou as it was one of our early Pixies faves and still is.  we can live with that trade off.  the final bonus to the hamilton show was we actually found the merch table this time around and picked up some sweet merch!

thanks for the shows and memories!   an experience we will never forget.

now off to Stummerfest and hopefully some blogs about that early next week.  stay tuned.

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