from alley oop 2 zimbabwe

11 tracks from our May 7th Yola’s show in Oshawa have made it online.  we dunno how long all of them will stay up but if u ever wanted to experience an entire TooNice set from the comfort of yer home, now is the time!  the sound is decent, the viz a tad blurry and there’s some guy on the bass in the freakin’ way.  mayday!  mayday!  enjoy!

Tone Update: after this weekend’s 2 hoppin’ shows at the Music On Main Street Festival, (thx Loretto and Tottenham!) the new tone settings seem to be better. at least for the short term we are satisfied. our Ampeg BA210 comes with 5 presets of which we’ve choosen the flattest setting and then we’re tweaking lows at 8, mids to 5, highs to 7 (all are ish’s) for a decent foundation.  after that we can do finer reggae bass tweakin’ at our fingertips on the bass itself on a song by song basis for what the next song requires.  in other bass news, we open up the case on Friday only to discover that we’ve worn a thumb print into the instrument right above the pickup!  at first our reaction was ACK!  then ah, cool. the thumb print symbolizes at lot of practice and fun at shows!

here’s a few phone pics of the venues from the Music on Main St. Fest.  also with the phone so the quality is meh but u get the point.  natty times and we never thought we’d ever be playing a bonafide country bar (Loretto) and on top of that, in a reggae band.  truly unforgettable!


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