Review: Death Cab For Cutie Toronto

Last night we were lucky enough to catch Death Cab For Cutie at the Phoenix Niteclub in Toronto.  Relatively new to their fanbase, we aren’t completely up2date as we’d like to be with their material.  there are some songs that we really, really enjoy from them and then there’s a bunch that we are more or less “meh” or just not into yet.  though more & more songs are making their way into our ipod playlist everyday.  after last night, the pace at which that is happening is gonna rise!

as the video at the end of the post shows, the night was a complete singalong.  so much so that even at one point the band couldn’t resist commenting on it.  that added to the atmosphere and certainly helped the vocals from not getting lost in the mix.  the first dozen or so songs kinda meandered around for us and it wasn’t until “follow u into the dark” that we personally got more into it.   the band was solid throughout.  we totally dug every member and were mesmerized by what each was doing onstage.  at one point the bass was punching thru the mix perfectly but then it got turned down.  ah well.  we would’ve like more interaction with the crowd and more facing the crowd (what is with turning your back during a solo?).  having the drummer close to the front of the stage was nice to see.  he does so much with so little! the multi-instrumentations of the members was wikked to behold as well.  we swear the chants for the encore were louder than the actual band playing.  how often can u say that?  The next morning, “Cath” was still stuck in our heads which speaks volumes about how much we like that tune.  “Transatlanticism” was epically done and a perfect wrap to an evening that was a sonic delight! we’d go see them again in a heartbeat.

Set(thx Stu!):
1. I Will Possess Your Heart 2. The New Year 3 .Why You’d Want to Live Here 4. A Movie Script Ending 5. Some Boys 6. Doors Unlocked and Open 7. Company Calls Epilogue 8. Long Division 9. Grapevine Fires 10. Codes and Keys 12. I Will Follow You into the Dark 13. You Are a Tourist 14. Soul Meets Body 15. Meet Me on the Equinox 16. Underneath The Sycamore 17. Cath… 18. Crooked Teeth 19. The Sound of Settling Encore: 20. Your Bruise Play 21. Title and Registration 22. Photobooth 23. Transatlanticism

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