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June 28, 2011

advice 4 the band

we found this online at a forum and felt the need to share.  enjoy!

advice 4 the bands out there

1) Negotiate meals into your pay. The $10 burger platter actually only costs the bar (or whatever) very little.
2) Negotiate rooms too. If half the rooms in the place are empty anyway, it’s easy for the establishment, especially if you’re respecfull and low impact.
3) Stay clean, physically, in hygiene, sexually…
4) Stay clean, no drugs, booze,…
5) Stay clean…go to the laundromat
6) Get contracts as often as possible. Pay in advance is good too but not often likely.
7) Communicate with family and friends so they don’t worry about you.
8 ) Be on time.
9) Soundchecks are essential.
10) Keep the band vehicle(s) in good working order.
11) Bank as much of your earnings as possible.
12) Get enough sleep. Not at the wheel.
13) Share the grunt work and pull your own weight.
14) Don’t sponge of bandmates.
15) Don’t sleep with band members or their significant others.
16) Don’t let your gear out of your sight. If it is, secure it. Lock your vehicles, park them against walls, outside your motel door.
17) Insurance. Yours, your parents, doesn’t matter, insure your gear.
18) Previous items notwithstanding, see the sights, meet the people. I’ve spoken with lots of touring musicians who never absorb the local culture. From time to time we’ve billeted musicians, it’s a great experience for both parties.
19) Have lots of product with you. It’s pretty lame to talk about your CD when you have none with you. Some additional swag like t-shirts, stickers, etc can be good promotion or trade fodder for meals and a bed.
20) Set your ego aside and don’t identify your vehicles with the band logo. It’s like a welcome mat for crooks.

June 20, 2011

The Heat in Sudz

just putting the wraps to a great weekend with TooNice.  we played a billiards hall on the friday in Toronto then hit the road for our longest road trip yet… to Sudbury for an afternoon matinee at a coffee shop and an evening show at a pub.  all 3 shows were great but for different reasons.  friday night was not so busy so as a result, we got to try out a lot of the new material we’ve been working hard on the past few weeks in a live setting without much at stake.  some were rougher than others and a lot was learnt about which songs still need more attention and which are stage-ready perfect. btw, the home-made perogies at ONCUE were to die for! highly recommended!

saturday in sudbury was a heckuva lotta fun!  the matinee was ridonkulous as the kids in attendance were in non-stop dancing mode, the customers were more boisterous than u’d think and we sold out of our cd’s!  we’ll not soon forget the applause we got at the finish of the show.  that was off the charts!

the evening show was well attended and we got a fair shake of ppl up on the dancefloor.  we even lent out our bass amp to one of the bands playing(our first time doing that).  they were a decent original rock outfit with a great lead singer.  anyways, we get the 200w amp back afterwards and all the dials were turned all the way up!  its no worse for wear (they only played 30mins) but we’ll defo be thinking twice next time we lend her out. our thx to dj bookshelf for keeping the vibe up inbetween sets!  so sweet! also sweet were the tunes that we played for the 3rd time in under 24hrs.  by far, the best sets of the weekend!

as for our playing, we made some minor mistakes at all 3 shows but we didn’t repeat any.  and that was our goal heading into the weekend… not repeating mistakes and learning from them.  we were also trying hard to stay concentrated at the job at hand while playing and not get caught up in any day dreaming, thinking about the next song or crowd watching. we’ve also started to incorporate some thumb playing on the bass with mixed results.  we haven’t practiced that style enough to be wholly comfortable with it yet but there is definitely a time when it is needed and we’ll be counting on that style of playing in the shows ahead for sure.  we are lovin’ the deep sound we get with the thumb!

below are a few pics from the downtown blues fest for the local food bank that we stumbled upon inbetween satuday gigs.  the band playing was called “mississippi heat” from chicago and they were playing some wicked tight blues!  each member was spot on and the sound for an outdoor event was excellent.  it was the best sonic suprise of the day for us and we wish we coulda stayed longer.

June 11, 2011


THH at Fionn Maccools Clarkson

Those Handsome Hooligans just put the finishing touches on their first solo night out on the town.  t’was a good evening and lots of compliments got handed our way and some good requests for some new material also surfaced.  we were more than satisfied with our sets and our playing.  each set of about an hour’s worth of material had its own vibe.  the first set was more laid back.  some of our more country flavoured material mixed in with some of our groovin songs.  the 2nd set was get up on the floor and dance.  the 3rd set was get up and rock out.  the best moment was while we playing The Hip’s “New Orleans is Sinking“, the Canucks game final whistle blew (CANUCKS WIN!) and the joint erupted!  a great Canadian moment with the perfect song playing as the soundtrack that we’ll never forget.

Fionn Maccools Clarkson is classy restaurant/bar with a great atmosphere for any occasion.  there was tons of ppl out and the staff to match. the stage was a tad smallish but we managed.  we cut down a lot of the gear we usually have with us onstage which took some getting used to but was alright in the end.  our bass amp got put to stage left and we took our residence on stage right which made it sound to our ears like we were playing in another room compared to where the amp was.  we’d been playing so many shows (as well as practicing/jammin) with our amp right near us of late, it was odd to our ears not to be right beside each other.   on the other hand, it gave us a chance to hear less bass in the mix and more of how the band sounded as a whole.

thx to all who came out!  t’was a hoppin’ great time!

June 6, 2011

Hooligans Au Go Go!

no time for bloggin much as we’ve been hard at work with both bands trying out new material.  we are about to embark on what looks like will be a summer filled with shows all over the map!  the posts will come fast and furious once that starts so check back often.

u always remember your first night together and while Those Handsome Hooligans have been road tested at an open mic and 2 sets at Skipapalooza, this Friday in Mississauga will be the first night on our own!  no sideshows or just being a bit player…  this night is all hooligans, all night!  come down and enjoy a pint with us on this memorable occassion!  3 sets of fun rockin tunes that are sure to impress!  9:30 – close

ps: This Friday’s Those Handsome Hooligans Night at Fionn MacCools! is now even more epic with game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals included free of charge!!