THH at Fionn Maccools Clarkson

Those Handsome Hooligans just put the finishing touches on their first solo night out on the town.  t’was a good evening and lots of compliments got handed our way and some good requests for some new material also surfaced.  we were more than satisfied with our sets and our playing.  each set of about an hour’s worth of material had its own vibe.  the first set was more laid back.  some of our more country flavoured material mixed in with some of our groovin songs.  the 2nd set was get up on the floor and dance.  the 3rd set was get up and rock out.  the best moment was while we playing The Hip’s “New Orleans is Sinking“, the Canucks game final whistle blew (CANUCKS WIN!) and the joint erupted!  a great Canadian moment with the perfect song playing as the soundtrack that we’ll never forget.

Fionn Maccools Clarkson is classy restaurant/bar with a great atmosphere for any occasion.  there was tons of ppl out and the staff to match. the stage was a tad smallish but we managed.  we cut down a lot of the gear we usually have with us onstage which took some getting used to but was alright in the end.  our bass amp got put to stage left and we took our residence on stage right which made it sound to our ears like we were playing in another room compared to where the amp was.  we’d been playing so many shows (as well as practicing/jammin) with our amp right near us of late, it was odd to our ears not to be right beside each other.   on the other hand, it gave us a chance to hear less bass in the mix and more of how the band sounded as a whole.

thx to all who came out!  t’was a hoppin’ great time!


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