advice 4 the band

we found this online at a forum and felt the need to share.  enjoy!

advice 4 the bands out there

1) Negotiate meals into your pay. The $10 burger platter actually only costs the bar (or whatever) very little.
2) Negotiate rooms too. If half the rooms in the place are empty anyway, it’s easy for the establishment, especially if you’re respecfull and low impact.
3) Stay clean, physically, in hygiene, sexually…
4) Stay clean, no drugs, booze,…
5) Stay clean…go to the laundromat
6) Get contracts as often as possible. Pay in advance is good too but not often likely.
7) Communicate with family and friends so they don’t worry about you.
8 ) Be on time.
9) Soundchecks are essential.
10) Keep the band vehicle(s) in good working order.
11) Bank as much of your earnings as possible.
12) Get enough sleep. Not at the wheel.
13) Share the grunt work and pull your own weight.
14) Don’t sponge of bandmates.
15) Don’t sleep with band members or their significant others.
16) Don’t let your gear out of your sight. If it is, secure it. Lock your vehicles, park them against walls, outside your motel door.
17) Insurance. Yours, your parents, doesn’t matter, insure your gear.
18) Previous items notwithstanding, see the sights, meet the people. I’ve spoken with lots of touring musicians who never absorb the local culture. From time to time we’ve billeted musicians, it’s a great experience for both parties.
19) Have lots of product with you. It’s pretty lame to talk about your CD when you have none with you. Some additional swag like t-shirts, stickers, etc can be good promotion or trade fodder for meals and a bed.
20) Set your ego aside and don’t identify your vehicles with the band logo. It’s like a welcome mat for crooks.


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