replacing peggy

“peggy” is our ampeg ba210 amp that we’ve had for just over a year.  we’ve gotten to know her well and get used to her and her ways.  we bought her gently used and she’s seen over 30 shows with us.  not to mention many a jam.  we love her warmth and tone.  she is great at jams and at intimate venues but she is lacking the punch we need for bigger venues and shows.  last weekend we accidentally dropped her in the parking lot getting to our civic holiday show at the Boardwalk Pub.

not only was the pressure on us to perform well (our bass teacher was in the audience) that day but there was a sizable crowd and it was outdoors.  not a good mix.  not having enough guts and the nick she took in the parking lot made for a tense show.  we just couldn’t get enough sound out of her for our liking.  our bass teacher said all was fine with the sound but we knew it wasn’t.  we knew her limits and being outside for a gig just made it hit home.   its been problem that has been building up ever since we started giggin.  the need for more bass sound than she can give us.  we considered the dropping of peggy a sign that the search for something louder had to start in earnest.  perhaps it was her way of saying “enuff with bringing me everywhere“!

peggy at the bottom!

here’s a pic of peggy in action at the fionn macools gig those handsome hooligans did.  wow that stage was small.  we’ll likely keep her for jams and home practices but the need for something bigger for gigs is a need that is now too hard to ignore.

let the search for a 400w or better rig begin!  having said that, we’ve rented a Traynor DynaBass 200 for this weekend.  it the biggest bass amp our local music shop had for rent.  we’ll try her out at the 2 small gigs we have this weekend with TooNice.  hopefully there is a tad more punch and the tone is acceptable.  its a start.

Solid State Traynor DynaBass 200w

on a final note, following up on our purchase of the bassballs pedal…. we love it still!  been throwing it into a few numbers here and there.  love the little tickle it gives and then there more room to give more warble if we ever want to get zany with it.  we also revamped the pedal board order for more effectiveness.  it now goes: TU>MUFF>STOMP>BASSBALLS>FLANGER.  so sweet!  now how are we gonna fit on a 6th pedal?

august pedalboard setup!


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