wow,  crazy times.  we wish there were more hrs in a day but alas we meet again blog with so much of interest on our plate.

a recent summer evening gig at a private party with Those Handsome Hooligans was sweet.  not only was the pool and fire pit on prime display but we had a great time playing tunes in a laid back atmosphere and we led a wee open mic thang happen as well.  we brought peggy the amp out and she stood up to the outdoor test.  perhaps it was because we put here near a huge bolder to let the rear sound reverberate or perhaps she just loves to rawk!

the next day was an acoustic duo set with the lead singer of TooNice.  interesting just the 2 of us playing with no percussion and very little in the way of back up vox from yours truly.  a well attended store opening that responded well to the low key reggae vibe!

and now we get to the big part… we’ve gotten on the iphone bandwagon.  let just say that there are a slew of new gizmos that come out and they are here and gone in a matter of winks but we can forsee the iphone being one of those items that has legs, can have some amazing staying power and is well worth the investment.  in the last week alone, we’ve more easily been able to facebook, tweet, email and share photos in ways and speed we never could have imagined a few wks ago.  for instance, TooNice played a reggae fest this past saturday and we posted soundcheck photos of us and by the time our set was done, fans had  already commented on them. then we were able to tweet our progress from the festival to our night gig in newmarket.  we are now huge fans of the device and we’ve only just begun.  our next post will be done via iphone just to say we could do it and did it.  theres more more news but til then….  here’s a soundcheck pic from the iphone!

TooNice soundchecks in the rain at Reggae Muskoka 2011!


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