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October 31, 2011

halloween bashed

just a quick review on how the halloween bash went.

costume wise we decided to go with the snake skin pants, teased hair and cut off tee look.  kind of a metalhead look.  many ppl thought we should add the pants to the regular gig rotation.  hmmm…. something to think about! but the costume served its purpose and was quite nice to bash our head around with.

other bands opted for dracula, zombie, jester, doctor, army looks.  many said after the sets they were way too hot.  duly noted for next year!

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October 28, 2011

costume woes

tis the weekend before halloween and we’re performing at a costume party on the saturday with those handsome hooligans.  3 bands. cash bar. an awesome bike as the prize for best costume! more info at this fb event. its gonna be a great party!

anyways, we’ve been bashing our brains out trying to figure out what to wear.  its our first time playing in a costume.  its gotta be something that won’t interfer with our playing/groovin’ and also something that won’t have us dripping wet with sweat after one song.  as of this moment, we are still totally undecided.  our skin tight leopard pants may be a part of the answer but it looks as though it will be coming down to a game time decision. or perhaps we will just dressup as a musician for a change?  like one of these?  ha!  stay tuned for the answer next week. if anyone out there has any ideas, we are all ears!

October 25, 2011

jason priestly strings story

tom lees on granville

so we guess the time is getting just about right to finally blog about our experience at Tom Lee’s Music store in Vancouver this past summer. the reason being that the GHS brite flats strings we bought that day are now in use.

we stopped at Tom Lee’s on Granville to check out the much ballyhoo’d store and perhaps buy a pedal (that ended up being the EHX bassballs that we dearly love). so as we are trying out the pedal in a soundproof room we spied none other than 90210(amongst many other roles) star, Jason Priestly(JP) shopping in the guitar section with his rather large body guard/personal assistant in tow. being much interested in the pedals we were trying out we didn’t give it much of a 2nd thought until we were ready to pay for our pedal at the one and only cash. there in the lineup right behind us was JP.

we had discussed with the store help that we needed strings as well as the pedal yet as we were ringing up the total the strings we had decided on were nowhere to be found. so a search for the strings ensued followed by a struggle to find out actually how much the strings actually cost. now the lineup had gone to 1 to about 6 ppl in this time. how much time had gone by was beyond us since we were in no hurry. no one was really bothering JP but the more and more a crowd developed around the cash, the more and more JP and his large ass. man were getting nervous. it was obvious they were in a hurry and wanted no part of an impromptu autogoof session.

the situation was out of our control. there were 2 sets of flat strings we wanted to purchase cuz according to the staff they were on sale. but what the actual sale price was proving difficult to locate. the tension in the lineup was building and building. the expression on JP and his ass. man were priceless.

finally the staff relented the cash to JP and the others so they could be served while we waited for the price. a few evil eyes were given by the large ass. man but really the situation was the result of the staff and not us. in our mind, we’re thinking yer not quite the big deal u still think u are. none of the tweens in the lineup had recognized him and in real physical life JP was actually super small. we doubt he reaches 5 ft. on a good hair day.

after they departed, the tension eased and we discovered our strings only cost $10 a set. worth making JP wait any day! what a bargain! we left the store and there was no sight of JP anywhere. a trail of dust was all he left.

now its a been a few months since we bought those strings and they’ve been on our gibson bass for about 2 months. the review is that we don’t like them and will likely not use the 2nd set. the tone and feel is just not suited to us. no matter how we tweak things we just can’t seem to get a sound we like out of them. the best way we can describe it in words is that it sounds as if the tone is being choked. we’ve been using the bass/strings set up for jams just so they get some use b4 we replace them. but nonetheless, we’ll never forget the day we made a hollywood star wait so we could get bargain strings for 10 bux!

in a totally unrelated note, here’s a pic we took of a streetfight later that same day. the suit actually kept talking on the cell as he tried to break up the fight. the fight started when the 2 guys on the ground bumped each other and then it just escalated from there. some nasty punches were thrown and then it got broken up by onlookers and every1 went their separate ways. stay classy vancouver!

even wks after the canucks playoff loss there was still fighting in the streets!

October 24, 2011

Tasty Hooligans put out fires at the Firehall!

firehall pizza company at blue mtn!

a good time was had by all last nite with Those Handsome Hooligans. to say it was odd to play a joint on a sunday puts it mildly but t’was a great experience all around. the location was the Firehall Pizza Co. at Blue Mtn in Collinwood and it was booked as “industry night” (which means its mainly a party night for those who work at the resort) but it was open to the general public as well. some ppl milled in and out of the place but as it was the only place open late in the village , most ppl stayed for the long haul and the joint was 3/4 full.

as pizza fans, we HAD to try the pizza and though we did enjoy the crust, the toppings could have been fresher. the healthy dose of cheese and black olives we got was great! we give firehall pizza a 75 outta 100. the usual mainstream mainstays were on tap which was a tad disappointing BUT they did have Thornbury Cider on tap which more than made up for a lack of tapped micros. Thornbury is a great light cider that goes down very smoothly. a dangerous combo that we had to keep in check!

we played ok. we actually played better in the spots that we’d been highlighting more with our practice time and then got a tad sloppy and missed a few things where we usually get things bang on. that just goes to show us that we can’t overlook spots during our prep for shows and practice everything no matter what we may thinking.

highlites include doing a request for copperhead rd for the first time despite the fact that we’d never even jammed it. another hilite were some wicked dance movers joining us and also getting a very vocal request for some oasis. the result, we got to enjoy a great singalong version of champagne supernova!

here’s some pics of the setup, food and the joint. can’t wait to return and perhaps get some skiing in next time! hurry up snow!

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October 20, 2011

Review: NoMeansNo @ the Garrison

we stood in awe once again witnessing NoMeansNo deliver yet another sonic triumph onstage last nite.  these grey haired fellas still put out the energy of a teenager and a love of the craft that can’t help inspire.  the garrison is one of our fave venues in toronto and the sound mix was decent (actually not too loud but just loud enuff which was nice for a change). nomeansno has an understanding of music that goes beyond the borders of punk.  their understanding of harmony, harmonics, stage performance/presence, song structure are off the charts.  each member is an amazing musician in their own “wright” and the entire set mesmorizes and blows the mind of yours truly without end.

highlights included: its catching up, theresa, jubilation but anything these guys do is gold.  we think there was a new song called ” spark” that we dug a lot as well. t’was good to see a very mixed crowd out of young/old, male/female and a decent mosh pit in action.

we left thinking this band is and continues to be on our “not to be missed” at any cost list.  one of our top 5 bands of all time.  hands down.

here’s some pic taken with the iphone hipstamatic app.  some turned out really blue!  kinda cool.

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October 20, 2011

big bassy debut!

well we survived our debut with mollys chamber.  learning 30 new trax in 2.5 weeks was a daunting task to say the least and we put our best foot forward.  some missteps along the way but we kept things pretty bassic and low key in order to put the best sound out.

here’s a pic of the stage that night:

mollys stage at black cat

it was nice to have some light at the back but also odd to have some light if u know what we mean.  good times and good ppl at the venue and can’t wait to return!  the black cat pub and grill on dundas has a sweet menu and plenty of wellington on tap so that made the evening even better!  a few songs into the night though we developed for the first time a thumb blister:

thumb blister after the first set

we’ve been trying to incorporate more thumb into our playing and we think the mix of the outburst of energy and lack of a decent callus gave us the blister.  we worked around it for the rest of the evening but it was defo difficult and the thumb was burning hot by the end of the night! on the advice of just about every1, we did not pop it and have let it heal on its own.  so far, so good.

peggy at the jam space

in other big bassy news, our 2×10 ampeg has found a new home at the jamspace for Mollys Chamber.  it suits the tone of the band nicely and puts out just enough to keep up with the jam volume.  peggy is a heavy one so hopefully she stays put for awhile!

current rig

our current rig for shows:

eb3 with tu3-sft-bassballs-bf2 into a little mark 250 and a 1×15 fender bassman

lots of headroom and sound.  we can dig! can’t wait to take this rig out again soon!

October 15, 2011

Mollys Debut Tonite!

ah, the finish line or starting line is in sight, depending on your point of view.  we’ve been busy learning 30 new songs on the bass these past 2.5 weeks in prep for tonite’s debut with Mollys Chamber.  crazy times indeed.  we know we will likely make a few mistakes or miss a few notes tonite despite our best efforts. but we’ll be putting our best foot forward and of course having so much fun doing it!

it been interesting having to put the pedal to the metal to see how much and how fast we can learn songs.  how some parts are hard to learn and memorize while others are easy.  how our brain works in these types of situations and how we can become a better bassist moving fwd.  after every session and jam though we’ve been left with the thought that this setlist is awesome and we’re so glad to be covering the low end on these wikked tunes!

expect a show review soon with some gear news too.  in the meantime, come out tonite or drop by the Mollys Chamber website for more info about the band and future shows!

October 5, 2011

Rum Runner 10th Anniversary Review

well, its not much of a review but rather a slew of pics and a quick video.  kinda goes with how quick our visit to calgary was.  whirlwind indeed!  here goes:

we were lucky enuff to free up some time to land in calgary recently and caught the 10th anniversary show for local cowpunk/celtic group, Rum Runner.  not often that any band makes it to that mark so we just had to witness!  fantastic evening with the “footstompin’ styles” of  Audio/Rocketry and “the wall of sound punk styles” of  the Mandates opening.  the sound in the Palomino could have been way better but the energy onstage and in front of it more than made up for any other shortcomings.  glad we caught every note of this historic evening!  the only thing we were expecting was the unexpected and the show more than delivered!

pics! pics! pics!  there are 80 of  ’em in order of appearance… audio/rocketry – mandates (sorry only a couple turned out ok)-rum runner

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end of show video! tad distorted but u get the point.

October 3, 2011

housecleaning 4 ROCKTOBER!


its been awhile but fret not, we’ve been busy!

eb3 in action at orleans!

actually speaking of frets, we cleaned up our eb3 bass the other day only to notice one of the frets we never touch has a rust spot!  too funny!  good thing we never touch it there! curious as to when/how/why it happened?

anyways, here’s the recent bass scoop in short order:

1. we’ve left the reggae band toonice.  that not to say we’ll never play a show again with them but our days as a regular member are over. a tough decision but one soundly made with the present and future in mind.

2. those handsome hooligans are playing 2 shows this month!  one just happened this past weekend at Orleans in Newmarket and another is a very special halloween dressup affair on sat. oct. 29th at the Jamspot in Newmarket.  very exciting times indeed! omg, what to dressup as on the 29th??? our oct. 1st show was a sweet mix of jaw dropping jaw droppers, dancefloor filling dancefloor fillers and epic epics!  ppl hooted and danced and good reviews all round.  looking fwd to more hooligasms in the near future!

3. we’ve joined toronto cover band, mollys chamber!  we debut with them on oct 15th at the black cat in toronto!  very, very exciting!  great group with great songs! we are giving it our all to be ready to hit the ground running and jumping in time for our debut!

bonus: here’s a video of a solo hooligan warming up the crowd this past saturday with an acoustic version of chalk circle’s “sons&daughters” which is sooooooooo appropriate since we were supposed to go see chalk circle play that night until we got booked to play instead!  enjoy!