housecleaning 4 ROCKTOBER!


its been awhile but fret not, we’ve been busy!

eb3 in action at orleans!

actually speaking of frets, we cleaned up our eb3 bass the other day only to notice one of the frets we never touch has a rust spot!  too funny!  good thing we never touch it there! curious as to when/how/why it happened?

anyways, here’s the recent bass scoop in short order:

1. we’ve left the reggae band toonice.  that not to say we’ll never play a show again with them but our days as a regular member are over. a tough decision but one soundly made with the present and future in mind.

2. those handsome hooligans are playing 2 shows this month!  one just happened this past weekend at Orleans in Newmarket and another is a very special halloween dressup affair on sat. oct. 29th at the Jamspot in Newmarket.  very exciting times indeed! omg, what to dressup as on the 29th??? our oct. 1st show was a sweet mix of jaw dropping jaw droppers, dancefloor filling dancefloor fillers and epic epics!  ppl hooted and danced and good reviews all round.  looking fwd to more hooligasms in the near future!

3. we’ve joined toronto cover band, mollys chamber!  we debut with them on oct 15th at the black cat in toronto!  very, very exciting!  great group with great songs! we are giving it our all to be ready to hit the ground running and jumping in time for our debut!

bonus: here’s a video of a solo hooligan warming up the crowd this past saturday with an acoustic version of chalk circle’s “sons&daughters” which is sooooooooo appropriate since we were supposed to go see chalk circle play that night until we got booked to play instead!  enjoy!

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