Rum Runner 10th Anniversary Review

well, its not much of a review but rather a slew of pics and a quick video.  kinda goes with how quick our visit to calgary was.  whirlwind indeed!  here goes:

we were lucky enuff to free up some time to land in calgary recently and caught the 10th anniversary show for local cowpunk/celtic group, Rum Runner.  not often that any band makes it to that mark so we just had to witness!  fantastic evening with the “footstompin’ styles” of  Audio/Rocketry and “the wall of sound punk styles” of  the Mandates opening.  the sound in the Palomino could have been way better but the energy onstage and in front of it more than made up for any other shortcomings.  glad we caught every note of this historic evening!  the only thing we were expecting was the unexpected and the show more than delivered!

pics! pics! pics!  there are 80 of  ’em in order of appearance… audio/rocketry – mandates (sorry only a couple turned out ok)-rum runner

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

end of show video! tad distorted but u get the point.


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