Mollys Debut Tonite!

ah, the finish line or starting line is in sight, depending on your point of view.  we’ve been busy learning 30 new songs on the bass these past 2.5 weeks in prep for tonite’s debut with Mollys Chamber.  crazy times indeed.  we know we will likely make a few mistakes or miss a few notes tonite despite our best efforts. but we’ll be putting our best foot forward and of course having so much fun doing it!

it been interesting having to put the pedal to the metal to see how much and how fast we can learn songs.  how some parts are hard to learn and memorize while others are easy.  how our brain works in these types of situations and how we can become a better bassist moving fwd.  after every session and jam though we’ve been left with the thought that this setlist is awesome and we’re so glad to be covering the low end on these wikked tunes!

expect a show review soon with some gear news too.  in the meantime, come out tonite or drop by the Mollys Chamber website for more info about the band and future shows!


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