Review: NoMeansNo @ the Garrison

we stood in awe once again witnessing NoMeansNo deliver yet another sonic triumph onstage last nite.  these grey haired fellas still put out the energy of a teenager and a love of the craft that can’t help inspire.  the garrison is one of our fave venues in toronto and the sound mix was decent (actually not too loud but just loud enuff which was nice for a change). nomeansno has an understanding of music that goes beyond the borders of punk.  their understanding of harmony, harmonics, stage performance/presence, song structure are off the charts.  each member is an amazing musician in their own “wright” and the entire set mesmorizes and blows the mind of yours truly without end.

highlights included: its catching up, theresa, jubilation but anything these guys do is gold.  we think there was a new song called ” spark” that we dug a lot as well. t’was good to see a very mixed crowd out of young/old, male/female and a decent mosh pit in action.

we left thinking this band is and continues to be on our “not to be missed” at any cost list.  one of our top 5 bands of all time.  hands down.

here’s some pic taken with the iphone hipstamatic app.  some turned out really blue!  kinda cool.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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