Tasty Hooligans put out fires at the Firehall!

firehall pizza company at blue mtn!

a good time was had by all last nite with Those Handsome Hooligans. to say it was odd to play a joint on a sunday puts it mildly but t’was a great experience all around. the location was the Firehall Pizza Co. at Blue Mtn in Collinwood and it was booked as “industry night” (which means its mainly a party night for those who work at the resort) but it was open to the general public as well. some ppl milled in and out of the place but as it was the only place open late in the village , most ppl stayed for the long haul and the joint was 3/4 full.

as pizza fans, we HAD to try the pizza and though we did enjoy the crust, the toppings could have been fresher. the healthy dose of cheese and black olives we got was great! we give firehall pizza a 75 outta 100. the usual mainstream mainstays were on tap which was a tad disappointing BUT they did have Thornbury Cider on tap which more than made up for a lack of tapped micros. Thornbury is a great light cider that goes down very smoothly. a dangerous combo that we had to keep in check!

we played ok. we actually played better in the spots that we’d been highlighting more with our practice time and then got a tad sloppy and missed a few things where we usually get things bang on. that just goes to show us that we can’t overlook spots during our prep for shows and practice everything no matter what we may thinking.

highlites include doing a request for copperhead rd for the first time despite the fact that we’d never even jammed it. another hilite were some wicked dance movers joining us and also getting a very vocal request for some oasis. the result, we got to enjoy a great singalong version of champagne supernova!

here’s some pics of the setup, food and the joint. can’t wait to return and perhaps get some skiing in next time! hurry up snow!

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