On Cue, On Time

the setup at oncue

a later starting Leafs game pushed back the start of an evening with Mollys Chamber at On Cue.  ah, such is the life of a band playing sporting-related venues.  we cut down the sets and for the 2nd show in a row, nailed our 2nd set. a great mix of rock, acoustic and dancier numbers that got some xtra spice with our funky hat.

also adding to fun, earlier in the day we had bought a 12v adapter and finally got the full moxy out of our catalinbread sft.  we had been browning it with the 9v and the change made a massive diff! more room to play and tweak.  can’t wait to play more and tweak more in the month ahead.  hands down, one of the best items we’ve obtained this past year.

as far as our playing goes, we had 3 brain cramps over the course of the evening but other than that we were generally pleased with the gig.  earlier in the week we’d passed over reviewing a couple of the songs thinking that we were good2go with them but alas yet another reminder to self to GO OVER EVERY SONG despite what u might think.

we cannot say enough about the fine and tasty perogies at OnCue.  always a highlight and highly recommended!  what are u waiting for?  grab your pool stick and feed bag!

oh, that's what we play? ha!


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