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December 12, 2011

chillaxin with food, brews & tunes!

so we just wrapped up a wee vacay in the orlando area. we got to try some new bevvys and some new munchies!

here’s some interesting tidbits:

woodpecker cider was 2 sweet to finish the entire 6 pack. ’twas nice to try 1 bottle but 6 was too much for 1 night.  wouldn’t buy it again.

we found bass strings for sale in the bestbuy!  just a crazy notion we know.  lots of cheap instruments but  no basses.

we enjoyed our first Mississippi mud beer! porter&pilsner combined! quite tasty!  so tasty that we downed another with no ill effects! here’s a review.

chessiest line from a finnegans bar performer:  ” oh you are from town, “xxx”! isn’t that where they named the town after the water tower?” and  BIG sized portions of everything.  crazy!

morning star veggie corn dogs were the cats meow!  since going veggietarian we never ever thought we’d see the day again when we would have a corn dog!

this was by far the best thing we ate the entire vacay.  smelt great cooking and tasted even better!  pizza and burgs together!  omg, salivating just typing this….  mmmmmmm!

last but not least, these crackers were the tastiest of tasty snacks!

thx for the good times and sunshine orlando!  hope to see u soon!


December 10, 2011

Holiday Party in Unionville!

just put the wraps to a holiday party at Jakes in Unionville with Those Handsome Hooligans.  despite not jaming in 3 weeks, the band gave a good performance to the small but vocal crowd.  we had a few blips and one tune we could not remember for the life of us but ah well, good thing it was the last song! rumours are we will have another show next weekend.  a super special party if everything pans out. after some epic moments tonight, we can’t wait to play again!

been considering playing more drums again lately.  actually been thinking of jamming with more ppl with ourselves behind the kit instead of the bass. a couple of interesting options came our way this past week but after a good time tonight and a great time with the bass, its hard to put it down for any length of time.  so we drew the conclusion that our drumming days are mostly at an end.  we just wanna play bass!

post soon about our recent vacay!  stay tuned!