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January 30, 2012

Gettin’ Jiggy with It

as Janaury comes to a close its been a whirlwind both off & on the music front.
first a BIG HELLO to this fine puppy:

this blog needs more sub woofer!

its been a life altering week already just with her in the mix. she’s great & well worth a few puppy hiccups.

add that Mollys Chamber finally narrowed down the decision on a new singer last week & things are sounding fantastic on that front! one official jam into the version 2.0 & its a bonafide upgrade that will delight every1’s ears & eyes.  first show is in under 5 wks at Duffy’s Tavern in Toronto on Friday, March 2nd.

that show will be a hootenanny!  not only will the Chamber be headlining with 2 face melting sets & debuting the new singer with a few new songs BUT yours truly will also be spinning rockin’ tunes throughout the evening AND drumming for the opener.  Whoa.  Whaaat? Waitaminute?  did you just say drumming?

for the time being, we’ve joined the ranks of Rosalita, a Bruce Springsteen cover act.  its got a female twist with all vocal duty being done all by the fairer sex.  its something that came our way unexpected but a few jams in & its sounding awesome already.  can’t wait to play for this show on all fronts but we are beyond cloud 9 because we finally get to do a show behind the kit again after a year &  a half (excluding a few open mics)! we’ve already broke a stick & busted thru our taped up kick drum head (again!) in prep for this BOSS debut. at least we got a few extra months out of it. looks like we need to do some percussion shopping!

busted again!

great times spinning tunes this past weekend.  so much work these past few wks catching up on what has been getting ppl moving lately but well worth seeing everybody groovin!

lastly, we have no idea why we called this post what it is. it just popped into our head!

January 17, 2012

gettin’ our groove back!

once upon a time we dj’d.  we dj’d A LOT.

once we put a hold on drumming & picked up the bass it became clear that this bass love affair was time consuming (& gladly so!) & at the time we thought one of these things has to go.  there is just not enough time for both.  so for the calendar year of 2011 we put the dj stuff to the side.  that way we could concentrate on the bass & give it the full attention it deserves & needed. despite taking 2011 off from dj’ing we still managed to squeeze in a half dozen events.  so much for taking the entire year off!

enter 2012 & some solid dj bookings have reappeared on our radar.  back by popular demand(seems like there are a few more weddings in 2012 than 2011?), we are going full steam into spinning music for your ears enjoyment in 2012.   guess it boils down to the fact that we can’t say no to a good party so let the good times roll once again!  we got our groove back this past weekend spinning at Duffys in Toronto.  a fine establishment with friendly patrons/staff & some nice micros on tap.  hopefully we’ll be back there again someday soon!  it felt great to be back behind the mixer again & having a great time while doing it!

our dj motto is “all styles, all fun” so we aim please! no event is too small or too big and whatever the circumstances, we can provide the right atmosphere for your next wedding, pub party or special event. for more info surf on over to .  now off to find some new music!

January 12, 2012

hey buddy can u spare 10 minutes?

it’s almost 2 weeks into 2012 & already our resolutions for more music related fun are being put to the test. where does the time go everyday? we’ve got new strings on the bass that makes it a heap of fun to play right now (more on that in a future post) so our motivation is at a peak. but by the time we get to putting our head down everyday we realize we haven’t played as nearly as much as we would have liked. sound familiar? shades of 2011 redux. ugh.

well at least we can take comfort in the fact that it’s not how long you play everyday but that fact that you play everyday. truer words from our bass coach could not have been said back when we started bass playing. often have we come back to that quote for solace in these times when we are pressed for time.

sure we haven’t had as much time as we would have liked to play and learn so far in 2012 but we haven’t missed a day. 10 minutes minimum is all that is needed and we can always find 10 minutes in a day for the 4 string. the 10 minute a day mantra = words to live by for any instrument.

whoa! 200 songs for a mere $30! steal of the week!

January 6, 2012

laying down the roots

so many songs to learn!

well its been exactly 2.5 years on the bass.  the new year brings renewed vigor from all sides to learn new material.  as we were trying out a batch of new songs tonight we stumbled upon something.  something we vaguely knew we were doing but not really aware of :  learning from the root.

it occurred to us during a few songs that we actually had sheet notes for.  progress was painfully slow and we couldn’t figure out why.  finally we realized we were paying too close attention.  trying to get every single note the sheet music calls for instead of just starting out playing the root notes of the songs and then expanding from there.  which simply put, appears to be our best method for learning new songs.  not only does it sound better from the start as we can keep up with the changes but it establishes the chord progression in our head and once we do expand the basslines to include more notes, the retention is wayyyy easier and faster. also, if we do end up jamming a song in the very near future at least we have the gist of the entire tune down for the jam instead of just perhaps bits and pieces.

it had been a few months since we had to learn this many songs in a row and we had kinda forgotten this sort of  “method”.  now that we remembered it, wrote it down and blogged it, we should be all good moving fwd in the weeks ahead!  now where’s that sheet music for “holiday in cambodia”?

January 4, 2012

divorcing Facebook take 1

back in 2011 we decided to go carless. a tough choice but one that has so far led us to more free time(no more sitting in traffic jams getting frustrated) to pursue other interests like this blog. being able to write a post like this while we take the bus instead of driving is way better than cursing the car in front of u. ya sure it’s -40 out but it would be that cold getting the car ready as well. but we digress. this post is about another time stealer, Facebook.

facebook’s been useful to an extent. sure we’ve been able to connect and stay connected with friends/fam/associates during the past few years but at what cost? logging in a few times a day, commenting on this & that, posting a pic here & there has eaten up a lot of our time. time we will never get back. as we looked ahead to 2012, we wanted to make changes to our lifestyle. Facebook was one of the first things we thought of that had to go. it’s been getting more & more frustrating to use along with taking our free time. so called “improvements” are causing us headaches and causing our computers to lag. not to mention ever increasing spam, viruses and glitches made the decision a simple one. divorce Facebook.

but every decision needs a plan. no plan and u are bound to fail. here are the steps we are taking:
1- trim your list of friends/pages/likes/update material down. this gives us less reason/urge to think of logging back on. the amount of trimming is purely subjective and more of a mental item but we thought every little bit helps.
2. make it harder to log on. for instance we took away our Facebook app off our phone, removed our Facebook bookmarks from our computer and when we trimmed our updates that also means we will get less email alerts asking us to log in and respond.
3. we haven’t permanently removed our account or even announced on Facebook that we are done with it. we are using the soft method. meaning, we may go back on from time to time. this divorce of Facebook is about using it less. even though in 2011 we divorced our car, we do still need to drive every so often and we use other measures to do so. we didn’t stop driving cold turkey and we are not leaving Facebook cold turkey. the plan is to gradually use it less and less until its a mere blip on the radar.

so here’s to more free time to do other things we love instead of blowing time on Facebook. our creative juices are already flowing. stay tuned here or via twitter!


January 4, 2012

The Saints Conquer the Shoe!

one of our fave bands of 2011 has got to be Hamilton’s The Saints Are Coming. they do celtic covers and covers in a celtic way. its just way too good for our ears to put into words. not only do they look impressive onstage with so many members but they SOUND impressive as well. each member carries themselves to the highest quality and standards at each performance. the choice songs and energy are off the charts! u add all that up and its a show not to be missed! we only wish we could see them more often. a short one hour set at nu music night the Horseshoe Toronto has only left us wanting more. hurry up and get here as quick as possible st. paddy’s day!

there are also some vids posted at our youtube site for your listening pleasure. twas the first show we took vids with the iphone so xcuse the learning curve. iphone needs a zoom but i guess that is why we still need cameras.

January 4, 2012

Rex Holmes & the Cheetahs

we were lucky enuff to catch a night of Rex Holmes & the Cheetahs during our holiday break. they do covers of funky pop tunes and some disco that had the dancefloor filled! the most memorable song of the night being outkast’s “hey ya” which doesn’t appear on this setlist. here’s a slew of pics from what we hope will be a annual gig on boxing day at the townehouse sudbury. awesome night out for all after a few days with the fam! wtg & a massive thx for the tour of the bass rig pepper!

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January 2, 2012

wrapping up 2011

we’ve got a moment to blog so here’s a wrap on 2011:

Those Handsome Hooligans did 2 holiday parties in December to rave reviews and we had a blast!  t’was a great way to end the year off and keep us keen for 2012. we even made it to a gig in a full blown blizzard!  white knuckling indeed!

if u don’t follow our twitter feed, we scored some neon strings over the holidaze.  we’ve been dying to use them since we read about them in BassPlayer mag awhile back.  they look sick and hopefully sound and play well enough.  we’ll post something here when they make their way onto the bass.

2011 ended on a shocking note for Molly’s Chamber as we lost our singer.  so tryouts have been ongoing since the week before the holidaze and now we’ve trimmed the Chamber Idol list down to just 3.  we plan on making each of the 3 jam an entire night with us instead of just 30mins to get a better sense of them and then make a final choice.  fun but a lot of work.  i doubt we’ve ever played PJ’s “alive” so much and so often as we did during the tryouts!  here’s to hoping we get the ball rolling again quickly as gigs are already lining up! all 3 of the finalists are top notch so the outlook is fantastic!

we rented a traynor dynabass 200 to rave reviews for our last gig of 2011

the final count for gigs in 2011 was 41.  if u’d have said we’d play that much a year ago, we’d have laughed at ya.  to say we are pleased with how 2011 went we’d be understating the fact.  so many great times!  we truly had a blast this memorable past year!  its doubtful we’ll get to 41 again in our lives but never say never.  the learning curve was quick and steep in 2011 and well worth every note, every km travelled and every moment spent on the bass.  here’s to a rockin’ 2012!  lookin’ fwd to whatever lies ahead!