divorcing Facebook take 1

back in 2011 we decided to go carless. a tough choice but one that has so far led us to more free time(no more sitting in traffic jams getting frustrated) to pursue other interests like this blog. being able to write a post like this while we take the bus instead of driving is way better than cursing the car in front of u. ya sure it’s -40 out but it would be that cold getting the car ready as well. but we digress. this post is about another time stealer, Facebook.

facebook’s been useful to an extent. sure we’ve been able to connect and stay connected with friends/fam/associates during the past few years but at what cost? logging in a few times a day, commenting on this & that, posting a pic here & there has eaten up a lot of our time. time we will never get back. as we looked ahead to 2012, we wanted to make changes to our lifestyle. Facebook was one of the first things we thought of that had to go. it’s been getting more & more frustrating to use along with taking our free time. so called “improvements” are causing us headaches and causing our computers to lag. not to mention ever increasing spam, viruses and glitches made the decision a simple one. divorce Facebook.

but every decision needs a plan. no plan and u are bound to fail. here are the steps we are taking:
1- trim your list of friends/pages/likes/update material down. this gives us less reason/urge to think of logging back on. the amount of trimming is purely subjective and more of a mental item but we thought every little bit helps.
2. make it harder to log on. for instance we took away our Facebook app off our phone, removed our Facebook bookmarks from our computer and when we trimmed our updates that also means we will get less email alerts asking us to log in and respond.
3. we haven’t permanently removed our account or even announced on Facebook that we are done with it. we are using the soft method. meaning, we may go back on from time to time. this divorce of Facebook is about using it less. even though in 2011 we divorced our car, we do still need to drive every so often and we use other measures to do so. we didn’t stop driving cold turkey and we are not leaving Facebook cold turkey. the plan is to gradually use it less and less until its a mere blip on the radar.

so here’s to more free time to do other things we love instead of blowing time on Facebook. our creative juices are already flowing. stay tuned here or via twitter!



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