laying down the roots

so many songs to learn!

well its been exactly 2.5 years on the bass.  the new year brings renewed vigor from all sides to learn new material.  as we were trying out a batch of new songs tonight we stumbled upon something.  something we vaguely knew we were doing but not really aware of :  learning from the root.

it occurred to us during a few songs that we actually had sheet notes for.  progress was painfully slow and we couldn’t figure out why.  finally we realized we were paying too close attention.  trying to get every single note the sheet music calls for instead of just starting out playing the root notes of the songs and then expanding from there.  which simply put, appears to be our best method for learning new songs.  not only does it sound better from the start as we can keep up with the changes but it establishes the chord progression in our head and once we do expand the basslines to include more notes, the retention is wayyyy easier and faster. also, if we do end up jamming a song in the very near future at least we have the gist of the entire tune down for the jam instead of just perhaps bits and pieces.

it had been a few months since we had to learn this many songs in a row and we had kinda forgotten this sort of  “method”.  now that we remembered it, wrote it down and blogged it, we should be all good moving fwd in the weeks ahead!  now where’s that sheet music for “holiday in cambodia”?


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