gettin’ our groove back!

once upon a time we dj’d.  we dj’d A LOT.

once we put a hold on drumming & picked up the bass it became clear that this bass love affair was time consuming (& gladly so!) & at the time we thought one of these things has to go.  there is just not enough time for both.  so for the calendar year of 2011 we put the dj stuff to the side.  that way we could concentrate on the bass & give it the full attention it deserves & needed. despite taking 2011 off from dj’ing we still managed to squeeze in a half dozen events.  so much for taking the entire year off!

enter 2012 & some solid dj bookings have reappeared on our radar.  back by popular demand(seems like there are a few more weddings in 2012 than 2011?), we are going full steam into spinning music for your ears enjoyment in 2012.   guess it boils down to the fact that we can’t say no to a good party so let the good times roll once again!  we got our groove back this past weekend spinning at Duffys in Toronto.  a fine establishment with friendly patrons/staff & some nice micros on tap.  hopefully we’ll be back there again someday soon!  it felt great to be back behind the mixer again & having a great time while doing it!

our dj motto is “all styles, all fun” so we aim please! no event is too small or too big and whatever the circumstances, we can provide the right atmosphere for your next wedding, pub party or special event. for more info surf on over to .  now off to find some new music!


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