Gettin’ Jiggy with It

as Janaury comes to a close its been a whirlwind both off & on the music front.
first a BIG HELLO to this fine puppy:

this blog needs more sub woofer!

its been a life altering week already just with her in the mix. she’s great & well worth a few puppy hiccups.

add that Mollys Chamber finally narrowed down the decision on a new singer last week & things are sounding fantastic on that front! one official jam into the version 2.0 & its a bonafide upgrade that will delight every1’s ears & eyes.  first show is in under 5 wks at Duffy’s Tavern in Toronto on Friday, March 2nd.

that show will be a hootenanny!  not only will the Chamber be headlining with 2 face melting sets & debuting the new singer with a few new songs BUT yours truly will also be spinning rockin’ tunes throughout the evening AND drumming for the opener.  Whoa.  Whaaat? Waitaminute?  did you just say drumming?

for the time being, we’ve joined the ranks of Rosalita, a Bruce Springsteen cover act.  its got a female twist with all vocal duty being done all by the fairer sex.  its something that came our way unexpected but a few jams in & its sounding awesome already.  can’t wait to play for this show on all fronts but we are beyond cloud 9 because we finally get to do a show behind the kit again after a year &  a half (excluding a few open mics)! we’ve already broke a stick & busted thru our taped up kick drum head (again!) in prep for this BOSS debut. at least we got a few extra months out of it. looks like we need to do some percussion shopping!

busted again!

great times spinning tunes this past weekend.  so much work these past few wks catching up on what has been getting ppl moving lately but well worth seeing everybody groovin!

lastly, we have no idea why we called this post what it is. it just popped into our head!

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